Sustainability is doing what’s right.

At Lumber Liquidators, sustainability is more than just forestry management or legal compliance. It’s a commitment to constantly finding new ways to have a positive, lasting impact on the future of our communities, our customers and our company. We aim to be the industry leader in sustainability because it's good for the environment, and because it’s good for the future of our business.

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We’re acting now…


  • We reject poorly documented shipments before they ever leave port.
  • We hire 3rd-party auditors to help verify that wood is harvested from permissible forests.
  • We train suppliers onsite – working with over 40 companies in China alone in 2013 and 2014.

…and forward thinking.


  • We are developing a new 1,500 square foot technical facility to further expand our laboratory and testing capabilities.
  • Our ‘No Middlemen’ business approach provides critical leverage over the logging supply chain.
  • We are increasing our sourcing from North America and other regions with high regulatory oversight.

Lumber Liquidators believes in being a good “corporate citizen." As part of that effort, we continuously assess and look for opportunities to improve our existing processes and procedures. In consultation with third-party subject matter experts, we strive to become an industry leader in the conservation and protection of threatened forest habitats. Further, we remain committed to implementing processes designed to safeguard the future of natural resources critical to the timber industry through, among other things, the support and use of legally harvested and exported sustainable wood sources through a transparent, legal, and sustainable supply chain.