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  Barrie #2004(705) 242-1050
    SKU - Product Name Comment Price    
  San Slavador 10029674 -
San Slavador
San Slavador 8mm laminate 361 sf - end of run .96
sq ft
  Natural Strand Bamboo 10039152 -
Natural Strand Bamboo
Natural strand Bamboo 1/2"x5-1/8" Solid Bamboo 6' long planks, Smooth Finish, Light colour Regular 4.99 3.19
sq ft
  Aspen Breeze 10040047 -
Aspen Breeze
8mm white Laminate - 650Sf Was 3.29sf 1.39
sq ft
  Calistoga Estate 10037524 -
Calistoga Estate
Calistoga Estate 12mm with Pad attached 495sf was 2.49 1.69
sq ft
  Golden Sunrise Teak 10039090 -
Golden Sunrise Teak
Golden Sunrise Teak 12mm With pad 188sf left - Take it all 1.79
sq ft
  Golden Birch 10004292 -
Golden Birch
Golden Birch Click Engineered 3/8"x5" 1.59
sq ft
  Wayne Red Oak 10039795 -
Wayne Red Oak
Engineered Wayne Red Oak 3/8"x3" smooth finish, Warm Mid tone Nail down 501sf - Take it all 3.19
sq ft
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