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  Windsor #2006 (519) 916-1103
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  Butterscotch Hickory 10023975 -
Butterscotch Hickory
3" x 3/4" Butterscotch Hickory Excellent grade, great quality flooring. Regular $4.49 ON SALE NOW! Email us for a great deal! 4.49
sq ft
  Liq Speckled Elm 10022943 -
Liq Speckled Elm
2-1/4" x 3/4" Liq Speckled Elm Great quality flooring for a great low pice. Regular $3.29 make us a deal to walk away with a great low price. 3.29
sq ft
  Lyptus Amber 10022408 -
Lyptus Amber
5" x 3/4" Lyptus Amber. Excellent quality flooring with a great finish. Regular $5.89. Email us and make an offer for a great low price! 5.89
sq ft
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