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Dream Home - Kensington Manor 12mm+pad Imperial Teak Handscraped Laminate

SKU: 10029601
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Handscraped appearance and texture... Just like Hardwood flooring!

Kensington Manor by Dream Home - 12mm Imperial Teak Laminate Flooring - 30 Year Warranty

Kensington Manor is a premium 12mm + 3mm pre-glued underlayment laminate product line. What is unique is that most of the line has a handscraped finish appearance. This is not simply in the look, but also in the actual texture!
The combination of these 2 characteristics gives them a beautiful rustic feel!
Also, the V-groove and pre-glued 3mm underlayment will make your installation process quick and easy.

Quick Installation Tips:
- Store flooring flat for 48 hours in its original packaging at room temperature.
- Must be installed over a clean, stable, flat, smooth, and dry surface.
- Moisture barrier is required for installations over concrete.
- Make sure the panels are mixed sufficiently when you install them so that you do not end up with too many identical, light or dark panels next to each other.

Laminates having pre-attached padding can also be installed over an underlayment. When doing so, Lumber Liquidators recommends the use of Bellawood Platinum, Bellawood Premium, Quiet Walk or the Eco Silent Sound underlayment. These quality underlayments offer best joint/seam support while ensuring superior thermal sound reduction qualities, these properties are highly recommended for use with condominium associations, project planners and building specifiers.

Kensington Manor Flooring Advantages:
- No glue and no nails needed
- Easy Click Installation
- Moisture resistant board
- Thickness: 12mm + 3mm (1/8") pre-glued underlayment
- AC Rating: 3  
- 30 Year Warranty

We caught up with real Lumber Liquidators' customers who volunteered to discuss their floor shopping, buying and installation experiences. In no way did these customers receive compensation for their kind words. (They're speaking straight from the heart.)

  • Brand:  Dream Home - Kensington Manor
  • FLOORING SKU:  10029601
  • Trade Name:  N/A
  • Marketing Name:  N/A
  • Janka Rating:  N/A
  • AC Rating:  3
  • Color Shade:  Medium
  • Width:  143mm
  • Thickness:  12 mm
  • Construction:  HDF/Laminate
  • Installation Type:  Click
  • Sq. Ft. Per Box:  22.44
  • Hardness Rating:  N/A
  • Waste:  5%
  • Weight per box/unit:  46.96
  • Installation Details:  Installation Guide

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53 Questions | 53 Answers
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  • Q:

    I have been looking at the Kensington Manor Golden Teak. Is this product made in the USA? If so, where?
    Asked on 2/22/2016 by Nae

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      12IT-Z - Sku # 10029601 is no longer available.

      We do have a Kensington Manor 12GST 10039090 Golden Sunrise Teak that is a product of the USA.
      I would recommend visiting your local Lumber Liquidators to look at the actual sample (take home samples are free) or order a sample to make sure this is the right product for you.
      Thank you for your interest in our flooring products.

      Answered on 2/23/2016 by cc-2
  • Q:

    I need to store this flooring for about two months prior to installation. I am planning to store it unopened in my garage stacked on pallets and covered with poly sheeting for protection. Do I need to be concerned about the temperature in the garage? I'm in Texas, and it can get pretty hot.
    Asked on 8/28/2014 by Bill from Dallas, Texas

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      This would not be not recommended;
      As per instructions:

      Once you pick up your new flooring store it inside your home. It is important to keep wood flooring dry, protect the flooring from rain or snow during transportation. Lay the flooring flat in a dry level place. Provide air flow under and around cartons. Remove any plastic or cellophane that may be in or around the boxes. Open up the ends of the boxes, to help prepare the flooring for acclimation. Do not store in unclimatized buildings, garages, sheds, directly on bare concrete or next to outside walls. Cartons should be placed close to the center of the installation area as possible. Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat/air vents. To prevent board warping, twisting or bowing do not cut the plastic support packaged bindings or remove product from the packaging until ready to install.
      After harvesting, wood flooring is kiln-dried for optimum service. During transit, delivery and storage, wood flooring must be protected from moisture. Wood is hygroscopic, meaning its size and shape changes with the absorption or release of moisture. The amount of change varies with wood species, cut, and type of flooring. Therefore, wood movement (shrinkage or expansion) is to be properly controlled and achieved at the work-site. First, acclimate the new flooring in the areas to be installed to the expected environment that the floor will service while in the boxes. If products are packaged in plastic, remove the plastic wrapping from the outside of the boxes and open the ends of the boxes. If plastic is wrapped around the flooring inside of the boxes, open the box ends only, cut away plastic to speed up the acclimation process increasing air-flow. The length of acclimation time is not the determining factor. The goal is to reach an indoor equilibrium or balance between the core of the new flooring with its surroundings before assembly, fastening or installation. Extended conditioning is not unusual for exotic species having natural oils or for very dense species like Brazilian Teak, Brazilian Cherry, Mahogany, Rosewood, Redwood, Brazilian Walnut and others. For best performance, condition and maintain the flooring to consistent indoor temperatures of 60°-80° F and indoor humidity levels of 30% - 50%, before, during and after installation. Depending on your local conditions the use of a dehumidifier or a humidifier may be necessary to maintain the desired results. Very dry or humid regions of the country usually require extended conditioning to balance the wood to the environment it will service. Proper jobsite conditions, acclimation, moisture testing of the subfloor and new flooring all work together for the success of the installation, and is the responsibility of those overseeing the project. Not following the above recommendations can negatively impact board performance and can result in excessive movement, squeaks, board gapping, board-edge cupping, finish splits and other related issues. This is especially true regarding flooring placed in seasonal or vacation homes without proper ventilation and climate conditions.
      You can find complete installation instructions on the product page by clicking on the installation tab and then clicking on - Installation Guide.
      Thank you for writing in.

      Answered on 8/29/2014 by cc-2
  • Q:

    What is the spec on the emission level of the formaldehyde in this product? Thank you!
    Asked on 7/20/2014 by Julie from United States

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      For complete MSDS information; Please go to our Website @ and at the bottom of the page click on Flooring 101, enter Laminate floor MSDS, enter, then click on the PDF to open. Thank you for your inquiry.

      Answered on 7/22/2014 by cc-2
  • Q:

    Is this flooring made in the U.S.A.?
    Asked on 9/15/2013 by Gail

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      No this product is from China.
      Thank you for your inquiry

      Answered on 9/16/2013 by cc-3
  • Q:

    What type of area rug padding can be used on the Imperial Teak Handscraped laminate flooring? I have read that rubber should not be used, however I bought a pad with one side rubber and the other side felt and the instructions said to put rubber side down if using on hard services???
    Asked on 7/15/2013 by Rottie Mama from Dublin, CA

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      No Slip Latex Area Rug Pad Soft cell polymer construction, Non-PVC material, will not stain, discolor or mar your floor, Superior Non-Skid, Ultra-Fresh anti-microbial treatment, Breathable and Recyclable, Extends the life of your rug. Sold at your local Lumber Liquidators store.
      Thank you for your inquiry

      Answered on 7/16/2013 by cc-3
  • Q:

    What does the 30 year warranty cover? We like the Imperial Teak. Any bad reviews on this product?
    Asked on 7/4/2013 by Nina from Middletown, Ohio

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      Your Kensington Manor floor is warranted against finish wear from normal household conditions resulting in the exposure of the paper layer.
      It is also warranted against finishing and milling defects in excess of the waste factor. Waste factor is an industry term that refers to an allowance for manufacturing defects in flooring and is represented by a percentage. While board selection may vary according to personal preference, waste is determined by NALFA standards. Accordingly, it is warranted that no more than 5% of the total square footage of your purchase will exhibit any manufacturing defects.
      Thank you for your inquiry

      Answered on 7/5/2013 by cc-3
  • Q:

    What dimensions are the individual boxes of Imperial Teak?
    Asked on 4/16/2013 by Li from earth

    1 answer



      Approximately 1' W x 4'L x 3-1/2" H

      Answered on 4/20/2013 by Tech & Install
  • Q:

    What is the best way to clean and care for my Kensington Manor Imperial Teak 12 mm flooring. There are a lot of products out on the market that say for use on laminate floors I don't want residue build up.
    Asked on 3/4/2013 by Robin from Chandler, AZ

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      We can only recommend our Bellawood Floor Cleaner, or cleaners that are safe for water based urethane finishes. Never use any polish, wax, oil soaps or cleaners that add shine to the floor. In addition, we do not recommend using steamers or wet-jet cleaning systems for hardwood because spraying can collect moisture in between board edges. The use of these products is at your own risk.
      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Answered on 3/11/2013 by cc-2
  • Q:

    If the boards are chipped or damaged upon inspection at the store at time of pick up, will Lumber Liquidators replace the boards? I am odering over 30 boxes. Do you recommend inspecting every board at the time of pick up or can the boards be inspected at my house and returned for replacements if found to be chipped/ cracked at that time?
    Asked on 9/30/2012 by Jeff from Lincoln, CA

    1 answer



      If any portion of your floor should fail with respect to the below warranty, we will provide a store credit for the purchase price paid for the defective portion of the flooring (excluding any installation costs and labor) in excess of the applicable waste factor mentioned in “What’s Covered.” A store credit is the sole remedy under this warranty and can be used for store product purchases only. There is no guarantee that the same or a similar product to the original flooring will be available at the time a store credit is issued.

      On Site inspect; Inspect All Boards for Visible Defects: Boards installed with visible defects are not covered under this warranty. Accordingly, before installation, you and the installer should examine all boards to ensure they are satisfactory. If any boards are unacceptable due to color, finish, milling or any other reason, it is up to you to determine to use them, hide them in areas like closets, trim off the imperfection, or not install them at all.

      See -

      Answered on 10/1/2012 by Tech & Install
  • Q:

    How does the moisture blocking core keep out moisture and prevent bubbling if mositure comes in contact with the laminate or gets in between the seams of the boards?
    Asked on 9/30/2012 by Jeff from Lincoln, CA

    1 answer

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