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BELLAWOOD Engineered 1/2" x 3-1/4" Select Brazilian Koa Engineered

SKU: 10023457
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BELLAWOOD- 1/2" x 3-1/4" Select Brazilian Koa Prefinished Engineered Flooring- 100 Year Warranty!

One look and it's easy to see why Brazilian Koa is often called Tigerwood. Its distinctive orange coloring and brown/black striping make it one of the most unique and exotic species available on the market today. And its durability is simply outstanding, resulting in a "not-so-everyday" floor that will stand up year after year to life's everyday demands.
This product is proudly finished in the USA.

Cross-section of actual Bellawood Engineered flooring plank
 Multi-ply cross-layered wood core layer

Bellawood Engineered Hardwood Floors feature a multi-ply cross-layered wood core and a solid 3 mm thick veneer(dry-sawn top layer). This construction design offers more dimensional stability for wide planks, making them less susceptible to the climatic effects of moisture or dryness. 

Other benefits of Bellawood Engineered Hardwood Floors include:

- Easy installation directly on slab, subfloor, linoleum, or tile.
- Better resistance to humidity and moisture changes (Virtually eliminates buckling and twisting)
- Attractive long length planks (up to 86") for the traditional hardwood look
- Variety of installation methods - can be nailed, glued or floated.
- More environmentally responsible use of woods.

Best of all, Bellawood Engineered Hardwood Floors feature a Lifetime Structural Warranty and 100 Year Bellawood Finish Warranty!

Crafted Meticulously. Harvested Responsibly. We understand the importance of healthy forests. That's why we only buy from suppliers who practice responsible harvesting and carefully manage their cutting with replanting strategies in place. For us, it's not just about being responsible citizens. It's about being a responsible business too.

Lumber Liquidator$

Order now through our web site, visit your local store, or Call 1-800-HARDWOOD

  We caught up with real Lumber Liquidators' customers who volunteered to discuss their floor shopping, buying and installation experiences. In no way did these customers receive compensation for their kind words. (They're speaking straight from the heart.)

  • Brand:  BELLAWOOD Engineered
  • FLOORING SKU:  10023457
  • Limited Warranty:  100 years
  • Trade Name:  Brazilian Koa
  • Marketing Name:  Brazilian Koa
  • Janka Rating:  N/A
  • AC Rating:  N/A
  • Grade:  Select
  • Color Shade:  Medium
  • Width:  3 1/4"
  • Thickness:  1/2"
  • Construction:  Engineered
  • Installation Type:  Float, Glue, Nail
  • Sq. Ft. Per Box:  32.5
  • Hardness Rating:  140% harder than Red Oak
  • Waste:  10%
  • Weight per box/unit:  72.54
  • Installation Details:  Installation Guide

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8 Questions | 8 Answers
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  • Q:

    Where in the description does it tell you the gloss on the
    Brazilian Koa? I like a really shiny floor and love the Bellawood Brazilian Koa.

    Thank you.

    Edette Dresko
    Asked on 7/4/2014 by Edette from North Myrtle Beach, SC

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      This product has a gloss level of 60 and would be considered a semi-gloss.
      It is the shiniest floor that we manufacture.
      A glossmeter (also gloss meter) is an instrument which is used to measure specular reflection gloss of a surface. Gloss is determined by projecting a beam of light at a fixed intensity and angle onto a surface and measuring the amount of reflected light at an equal but opposite angle.

      Answered on 7/7/2014 by cc-2
  • Q:

    installed my Brazil KOA floor in Sept & love it; Should we have sealed it with anything? The floor seems to darked in the sun lite
    Asked on 3/18/2014 by tparker

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      This floor comes prefinished.
      Wood products can be dramatic in appearance, especially the exotics. Only factory made products such as tile, vinyl, and wallpaper will have uniformity of color. Keep in mind that wood and corks are natural product and no two installed floors will be identical. Variations in appearance are completely normal and are a desired characteristic. As your floor ages, color or shading called “patina” can occur. This process can be rapid the first 3 months, less in 6 months, then finishing off in about I year. Moving the furniture and rugs around helps to even out areas that were not exposed to light. Try to avoid large area rugs for the first 3 months.

      All wood species can change color over time due to oxidation or when exposed to light. In some species, the change can be more dramatic and may darken in color over time, while others tend to lighten. Currently there is no known value set for Patina or color change of a species so contractors and or customers should be aware of this normal condition. The patina process is unrelated to the urethane finishes.

      When installing wood floors, select boards from several boxes. Working from one box at a time can create poor color grouping or placement of any flooring. Any one board you feel is unacceptable to install can simply be discarded, replaced with the 5-10% overage you should have on hand.

      Answered on 3/20/2014 by cc-3
  • Q:

    What do you recommend for daily cleaning of this floor and what is the best way to deal with minor scratches? Is there a touch up kit available?
    Asked on 6/23/2013 by Char from Illinois

    1 answer



      Recommendations for maintaining your flooring. For general cleaning a swiffer type system works best. Not one that sprays the floor however. Lightly damp is fine but never soak or flood mop your floor. Do not use steam mops. Have a no shoes policy as much as possible. Use felt pads on all furniture. Sweep often. Only use cleaners that are formulated for water-based finishes with aluminum oxide.

      Bellawood Cleaner works well -

      Be sure to use the cleaner as directed or a buildup can show dullness. Polish out buildup with a clean and damp, but not wet cloth.

      Do not use oil-type cleaner of any kind.

      Answered on 6/28/2013 by Tech & Install
  • Q:

    Can this flooring be installed over radiant floor heat?
    Asked on 11/30/2012 by Jon from Hamilton, MA

    1 answer



      Yes. Because engineered flooring has excellent dimensional stability, it is a good choice for radiant heat installation. Koa is also a stable wood. See -

      Answered on 12/1/2012 by Tech & Install
  • Q:

    can the flooring be refinished if subjected to unuasable wear conditions?
    Asked on 11/11/2012 by uncle fester

    1 answer




      Answered on 11/24/2012 by Tech & Install
  • Q:

    Does the Bellawood Engineered Brazilian Koa need any special underlayment? I was in one of the stores and the sales person recommended the 1/8 inch Bellawood underlayment, however I don't think I can accomodate the extra 1/8 inch. My contractor said we could just use felt paper and it should be fine. We will most likely be nailing the flooring, although I like the option of a floating floor. It will be installed in a 3 season room over traditional sub-flooring.
    Asked on 10/19/2012 by Steve on MV from Martha's Vineyard, MA

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      Using 15 lb roofing felt will be sufficiant for a fasten down application.
      If you can afford the 1/8" added height difference with the Bellawood padding floating is an option.
      You can find complete installation instructions on the product page by clicking on the specs tab and then clicking on - Installation Guide.pdf
      Thank you for writing in.

      Answered on 10/23/2012 by cc-2
  • Q:

    What is the R-Value for this flooring?
    Asked on 9/1/2012 by Ken from Salem NH

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      The R-value of 1/2 inch ply products is approximately 0.63.
      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Answered on 9/12/2012 by cc-2
  • Q:

    Can this be used over a basement floor?
    Asked on 7/28/2012 by Anna

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      This is our Bellawood Engineered and it is an exceptional option for a basement over concrete installation

      Answered on 8/5/2012 by Patricia from 1024
Displaying questions 1-8

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