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*This is just a sampling of what we offer when you are ready to design a room in your own home. If you'd like to have our Room Designer to take with you, download our Floor Finder App for iPhone and iPad on iTunes! Whether you are planning a design for your kitchen, family room or bathroom, we have 340+ flooring varieties in-stock and ready for your next big project. TO ORDER, VISIT your local stores, CALL 1-800-HARDWOOD or CLICK

Wanna try a new floor? Lumber Liquidators Room Designer
Trying on a new floor is not as easy as trying on a new shirt. That's why we created the room designer. You can instantly look at different floors in different room settings such as kitchens, dining rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms (you can even change the colors of the cabinets and walls!)
Now, keep in mind that each floor is "installed" by your computer, so the colors and plank arrangement may not be perfect. The best thing is to visit a store and see it for yourself.
Hope this helps - Have fun!!! Tom Sullivan Founder & Chairmain of the (floor) Board.  P.S. This is just a sampling of what we offer.