Sustainability is an ongoing journey that involves forward thinking, transparency, engagement and communication of our corporate values and, more importantly, our actions. We invite you as our stakeholders to participate in this ongoing dialogue with us now, and into the future.

Lay it Forward

At Lumber Liquidators, we believe that laying a new hardwood floor is an investment in the future of your home. We feel the same way about our efforts to protect the environment and support the communities that we serve. Whether it’s the responsible harvesting of hardwoods throughout the world or contributing flooring to a local Ronald McDonald House, our efforts are aimed at having a positive, lasting impact on the future of our communities, our customers and our company.  That’s the concept behind Lay It Forward.

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Our Mission

Since our first store opened, Lumber Liquidators has had a very simple mission: to deliver quality hardwood flooring at low prices.

That isn’t just a slogan. It’s a guiding principle that affects every facet of our business. Delivering hardwood floors for less requires us to be lean, efficient and sustainable in everything we do. We do this by minimizing our energy and land use; having an efficient supply chain; seeking to work with credible and trustworthy suppliers; avoiding waste; and investing in, and protecting, the long-term health of the forests, farms and plantations that are the lifeblood of our business.

Lumber Liquidators aims to be the industry leader in sustainability because it’s good for the environment, and because it’s good for the future of our business:

  • Sustainable harvesting ensures a stable, long-term supply of our products.
  • Our customers expect to buy products from companies that take responsibility for the well-being of our environment, communities and wildlife – and meeting these expectations, in turn, helps to grow our business.
  • By leveraging our global scale, Lumber Liquidators can positively influence many vendors in our supply chain to make compliance and sustainability a priority.
  • This extra oversight also helps to make the Lumber Liquidators supply chain tighter and more efficient, thereby helping us deliver the best prices and quality to our customers while simultaneously reducing the supply chain’s total footprint.

Our sustainability efforts are reinforced and measured by strong policies — and we are continuously searching for new ways to be more responsible environmental stewards.