10 Incorrect Ways to Clean Your Floor + 1 RIGHT Way


There’s a right way to clean your floor & a WRONG way! Find out what you shouldn’t do, and then learn the correct way to keep your floors looking brand new:

10 cleaning methods fails (final3)

Lumber Liquidators recommends using cleaning products that are safe for the finish on your floor, like our Bellawood Hardwood Floor Cleaner!

“This product is the best for hardwood floors. Good price and does not damage your floor. Economical also, a little goes a long way.” – Marian, Florida

“Just spray the product on and it will make your floors look very clean no residue build up at all!!!” – Tammy, Oklahoma

“Bought with the gallon refill. I wouldn’t use anything else. Makes the floor look like new.” – Chris, Pennsylvania 

Throw away the mop & bucket and start cleaning the right way!



  1. I have your Coreluxe XD flooring and have a terrible time cleaning them to look good. Every time I mop (using a gentle cleanser or just water on a mop) the floor shows smudges with every footprint. Any suggestions? Or cleaners/methods you’d recommend? I’ve already cleaned them 5 times today with varying methods and no success.

    • Lumber Liquidators on

      Hi Michelle – thanks for reaching out! Smudges sound like that might be a result of the cleaner used. Since there are so many cleaning products out there we can only recommend our Bellawood Floor Cleaner. The best method is to spray the cleaner onto a mop (a Swiffer-type system works best) and then using it on the floor. Avoid harsh cleaners like vinegar which can damage the finish on your floor and cause problems like clouding or peeling. Our Customer Care team may be able to help with additional info at 800-366-4204.

  2. Hi Kay, if you do I would use it sparingly. We suggest spraying cleaner onto a cloth or mop and then using it on the floor – instead of spraying directly. Do not flood mop or steam mop, as the moisture could get into the cracks and cause problems. For more info please contact our Customer Care team at 800-366-4204. – Lumber Liquidators

  3. Hi Geri, I’m sorry you’re having problems with the floor! Please contact our Tech & Installation team at 800-366-4204 for assistance.

  4. How can I fix the bubbles on my laminated floors. Cleaning lady used proper liquid floor cleaner and renewer but I think she leaves the mop (which is wet) on one spot when she does something else. How do I fix the "bubbles" ? They are in 3 rooms in my house.

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