2015 Fall Flooring Trends!


Fall Flooring Season has arrived and we have all the latest styles you love at the absolute best prices! The right floor can turn the average house into an extraordinary home, and it’s the perfect time of year to start your home renovation with a new floor.

Josh Altman, Celebrity Realtor, says, “Hardwood floors are one of the best and easiest investments you can make in a home. Not only do they look better than carpet, but it almost always adds to your home’s value. With children and pets, it’s a no brainer as well. Clean up is easy and you are able to get a deeper clean that will eliminate dust, and pollens… I’m a big fan.”

From the understated beauty of gray stains, to the vintage charm of distressing, check out this season’s gorgeous trends we know you’ll love!


Embrace the past with the old-style authenticity of distressed flooring! This vintage-inspired look includes techniques such as wirebrushing and handscraping in a variety of styles and stains. Oxford Mahogany demonstrates the beauty of distressed flooring perfectly with its natural contours and rich tones.

0826- VMW Oxford Mahogany

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Want to complement your décor with a clean, elegant look that doesn’t overpower your style? Gray tones are the perfect neutral for your home. A variety of styles are available so you’re sure to find the right one for your home. We love Delaware Bay Driftwood, a Dream Home Laminate!

0826- Dream Home Delaware Bay Driftwood

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Wide Plank

Historical charm with a fresh, new look! Wide plank floors – around 5” or wider – were often used in early American homes. Modern-day wide plank floors offer a fresh approach that blends trend and tradition. Floors like Golden Acacia bring that historical charm to your home.

0826- VMW Golden Teak Acacia

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Exotic Styles & Unique Species

Is your style anything but ordinary? Get designer impact with stunning textures, patterns and colors that add a punch of your personal style to your floor. We’re talking about unmatched looks like Tobacco Road Acacia by Builder’s Pride!

0826- Builders Pride Tobacco Road.jpg.clipular

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If you’re looking to brighten up your home with fresh style, whitewashed and other light-stained floors are perfect for you. Not only do they help conceal dust and dirt, but they can make your space feel larger. We love Farmhouse White Birch – a solid hardwood by Casa de Colour!

0826- Casa de Colour Farmhouse White Birch

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Available in a variety of styles that gracefully convey a rustic, yet modern feel, cork makes for an exceptionally durable and pleasantly inviting floor. It’s a natural, resilient material which helps relieve stress in the back and legs while standing on it. Mora is one of our most-pinned corks!

0826- Lisbon Mora

Like the look? Shop cork!

Wood on Walls

You’ve seen wood make a lasting impact on the floor – how about on the walls and ceilings? Add character & texture to any space with a decorative wood accent wall. Just pick your favorite prefinished style or choose an unfinished wood & stain. Natural Hickory is seen here on the wall. It’s a Bellawood Matte floor with an oil-finished look!

0826- Bellawood Matte Natural Hickory wall

Like the look? Shop unfinished wood!

Wood Look Tile

This exciting new flooring trend combines the beauty of wood with the ease of tile. It offers long-lasting style that is beautiful, durable & versatile. Himba Gray HD Porcelain is a popular style this season.

0826- Himba Gray HD Porcelain 10038545 (1)

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