5 Tips for the DIYer


There’s a little DIYer in all of us, and laminate is the perfect floor to install yourself! Both easy to install and easy to maintain, it’s a no-fuss floor that will stand up over time. Here are 5 tips and tricks for installing your own laminate floors:

  • Make sure to pick a laminate that matches your style and your home – we have high gloss to distressed options and everything in between, so you’re sure to find the right laminate for you! Check out all of our laminate options here.

  • If you want a some extra water protection, try our Dream Home X2O laminates – they’re two times more water-resistant than standard laminates, meaning they’re perfect for houses with kids, pets, or just common household spills.

  • Prep your space for your new floors – making sure your subfloor is ready for flooring installation is important! Click here to read about how to get ready to install your floors!

  • Don’t just limit yourself to laminate on your floors – laminate is a great option for wood accent walls because it’s not too heavy for your wall! Check out this video on how to install wood flooring on your walls!

Feeling ready to get started on your DIY flooring project? Head over to your local LL store or visit our website to browse our laminate selection and installation tools!


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  1. David Hudgins on

    How does one install rigid vinyl laminate flooring in a bathroom, next to the tub where one will not have a cove base board to cover any gap between the tub and the flooring. Typically, one caulks around the tub base and flooring (gap may be 1/8″). However, one doesn’t want the flooring to move away from the tub which will increase the gap and not look correct or provide good waterproof or water resistant protection.

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