6 Ways to Brighten Your Home


Spring is in full bloom! Has your house caught up yet? Put away your winter coats, add some color, and bring a little life to your home with these six tips!

1. Replace your dirty carpet with new hardwood flooring!

Liven up your home with floors that will transform any space and give you a fresh look for spring and summer. All of the dirt that has built up in your carpet over the winter (or several winters…) isn’t going anywhere unless you rip out the carpet and upgrade. It’s hard enough to deal with allergens outside. Don’t let your gross carpet cause problems inside!

Dream Home St James Nantucket Beech laminate before and after 2

Chesterfield Forest Oak before and after 1

Gunstock Oak before and after

2. Add area rugs!

Now that we’re spending more time outside, shoes and paws can bring in dirt and trash that can damage a floor. Rugs will protect your floors and keep them looking like new so you can enjoy the season outside and inside your home. Not only can area rugs protect your floors, but you can add some extra color to brighten up your home, too! Get advice from HGTV’s Flooring Guide: Choosing the Best Area Rug

Figuring out the right shape and size for an area rug can differ with each room in your home.

3. Bring flowers and plants inside!

Fresh flowers can help bring the warm-weather happiness inside and beautify your home. "There’s no better way to bring the spring inside than to fill rooms with vases of freshly cut flowers (TLC).

4. Change up your paint.

Any decorating magazine will tell you that paint is the cheapest way to reinvent a room with big impact. Spring is a great time to do away with the beige palette and add some color. You don’t even have to paint the entire room to achieve the desired effect. Pick the wall that hits your eye when you enter the room… (TLC).

Check out HGTV Remodels’ "Psychology of Color" to figure out which color gives off what vibe.

5. Lighten up!

When you enter your home, do you see coats and umbrellas? If you do, put the bulk by your entryway into storage. "Just seeing an empty coat rack when you walk in can make a big difference. If you have a side table near the door, add a vase with some fresh cut flowers so it’s the first thing you see when you walk in" (TLC).

6. De-clutter!

Cleaning up and organizing can really transform your home. Get prepared:

Follow this easy checklist to clean and organize your home.

Try 10 ways to “Clear Paper Clutter“.

Use these “Beautifully Organized and Functional Spaces” as inspiration.

Clear out extras from your bathroom. Try this use-it-or-lose-it method!

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