8 Reasons to Choose Butcher Block


Form meets function in kitchens that have butcher block countertops by Williamsburg Butcher Block Company. A smooth and stunning wood grain allows for easy cleaning and lasting durability year after year. Professional chefs all over the world prefer butcher block because it keeps cutlery sharper longer than any other surface! So, why would it work for you? Here are 8 reasons to choose butcher block!

1. A classic appeal

In a Houzz article, Lisa Frederick, who has worked for Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Accents and Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, says, "Butcher block has a classic appeal and always looks fresh. It’s especially fitting for traditional, country and cottage-style kitchens. Many homeowners like butcher block’s warm, natural appearance and variegated wood tones. Although knives scratch it, many people like the shopworn look it develops “” after all, it’s what chopping blocks have been made of for years. But you can also sand scratches down with ease."

2. Add some character

"Wood countertops, like butcher block, instantly warm up a kitchen. They are easy to clean and any scratches can be sanded out. Water damages butcher block quite easily, though, so wood countertops must be oiled frequently to seal the surface." – DIY Network

"…switching out traditional granite and stone countertops with butcher block gave the kitchen a much warmer feel and also one that’s resonate of an old-style farmhouse kitchen." – Better Homes and Gardens

3. Contrast kitchen materials

DIY Network’s Blog Cabin 2012 featured American Cherry Butcher Block from Lumber Liquidators! "Cherry butcher block countertops offer nice contrast to the room’s stainless steel fixtures and appliances." Please the senses with a balance of materials!

Blog Cabin 2012 American Cherry Butcher Block Countertop Counters

4. Use it anywhere

Is butcher block for kitchens only? Nope! You aren’t limited to one room when you choose to use butcher block. Designer Janna Wilson converted a dining room into a scrapbooking room with multifunctional storage spots, including a kitchen island topped with butcher block. Plus, "The butcher-block top is good-looking and virtually indestructible." See the whole room on Better Homes and Gardens.

The laundry room of Blog Cabin 2012 also features American Cherry: "A vibrant wall color of ‘Anjou pear’ elevates the design of the laundry room, where a customer counter, fashioned from cherry butcher block and cedar posts milled locally, provides space to fold clothing or spread out craft projects." See for yourself

Lumber Liquidators customers are getting crafty, too!

"With some threaded steel rods and hardware, the Williamsburg Maple Butcher Block Countertop makes a very nice and stable high-mass audio-component rack with an added bonus that maple has very good anti-resonate qualities." (Maple)

Williamsburg Butcher Block Maple Butcher Block Countertop 1.5x25x12

"What a great value! I’ve shopped around for a week before I finally purchased this one. This BB is 12′ long and I needed 10′ countertop, so my husband cut it into two pieces; 10′ for the countertop and 2′ for the over-sized cutting board which turned out to be a great of use. We cannot be happier with the new addition to our kitchen." (Maple)

Maple Butcher Block before and after MABB12

"I combined two 8′ blocks to make a 16′ Bench Top. First the raw stock must be cut to size. Round off all corners and edges as desired. By using a high quality body sander and 200 grit paper, I was able to bring surface into shape rather quickly. Once installed, I applied three coats of Tongue Oil, one each day for three days. The final product is awesome." (American Cherry)

American Cherry Butcher Block 10001375 C

5. Durability and Style

With butcher block, form meets function. A beautiful, classic style combined with durability and easy clean up is a plus for any homeowner! "Wood countertops are a popular choice because of their durability in both wear and style." – Better Homes and Gardens

"Beautiful and not so much upkeep. Just keep and dish towel handy to wipe-off liquid. When cuts get too deep or too many, just sand and retreat. What could be easier and is much more practical than granite." – Keystone Heights, FL customer (American Cherry)

"Love these butcher block countertops. They are well made and will last a lifetime." – Louisiana customer (Maple)

“I am in love with my new countertop and can only recommend it. It is easy to install, looks really great and is easy to care for.”- Caldwell, ID customer (White Oak)

"Installed adjacent to the stove, it makes a practical and highly useful addition to our kitchen work space. Repeated application of mineral oil brought out the rich, deep color of the cherry. It’s easy to care for and should wear well for years to come." – Madison, AL customer (American Cherry)

6. Stains happen, but they can be treated

"You let that puddle of hot sauce sit on the butcher block too long? So have the rest of us. Even the tidiest kitchen keeper stumbles once in a while, and if you’re a proud butcher block owner, you will inevitably be faced with stubborn stains. There are several ways to treat stains, and everyone has an opinion, but here are some proven techniques." – Rick Olson, Houzz

This professional woodworker suggests lemon, baking soda or bleach, and if all else fales a scraping or sanding will remove unwanted marks!

7. Save space

If your kitchen is small and your counter space is limited, eliminate the need for cutting boards! The owner of this studio home, found on Houzz, put butcher block countertops on either side of the oven, creating a food prep area that maximizes space.

Contemporary Kitchen by Montreal Photographers Emily Campbell

8. Don’t want butcher block on every counter? No need!

You don’t have to cover every counter to get the natural feel. "This Z-shaped cutting board adds a warm, organic touch to this sleek kitchen." – Cathy Lara, Houzz Contributor

Contemporary Kitchen by Dublin Architects & Designers Optimise Design

Leftovers aren’t worthless…reduce, reuse, recycle! Turn extras from your project into a butcher block cutting board. Check out this How-To from DIY Network!

"My contractor picked up the countertop from our local Lumber Liquidators and got to work sanding it and treating it right away. The beautiful color showed itself after the first oiling, but he did 4-5 standings and oilings, moving up to 600 grit for the final sanding. It is just gorgeous. He also cut a foot off the 8′ length and made me a huge separate cutting board from that piece! That end piece also is the end with the ‘Williamsburg Butcher Block Co’ stamp and it looks really cool. I love my countertop and the price was very reasonable." – Florida customer (American Cherry)

"Used for kitchen countertop. Absolutely gorgeous. Polished it up with mineral oil from the drug store which gave it the protective, natural finish we wanted. We used the excess for an extra thick backsplash, cutting board, and facing for 2 accent drawers. The overall result is stunning and warm. Does not look country-fied. Looks sophisticated, earthy, and warm." – Tampa, FL customer (American Cherry)

"We replaced the original laminate counters in our house with the maple butcher block and love them. They have an undercounter mounted sink, so to make sure the water didn’t damage the wood we sealed them with Waterlox. That stuff is amazing…As an added bonus, when the carpenter cut out the sink hole we had him save it and make us a cutting board out of it. Nice big cutting boards are usually so expensive and this one didn’t cost us any extra." – Royal Oak, MI customer (Maple)

What can you find at Lumber Liquidators?

American Cherry- unmistakable beauty and breathtaking blends of subtle reds that deepen with age
Maple- exceptional beauty, fine texture and a tough surface with colors from creamy white tones to light reddish brown
White Oak- gorgeous light brown coloring with slight pink and gray tints and a captivating open grain
American Walnut- one of the most highly sought after domestic hardwood choices with unrivaled opulence
Browse our Butcher Block products and find your match today!



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