A Spring in Your Step: Dura Dance Home


Are you a fitness instructor? An aspiring ballerina? A Zumba finatic? Wherever your interests take you, a safe space is important. Turn any room of your home into a practice studio with the Dura Dance Home system! Concrete and other solid surfaces can cause bodily injury, but Dura Dance helps reduce that chance of injury without missing a beat! It works with any talent or budget level, while keeping your space safe and beautiful!

Is Dura Dance Home right for you?

The Dura Dance Home System is ideal for all types of dance and aerobic exercise, including Zumba, Tap, Hip Hop and running! It works well for dance practice spaces, workplace gyms, ballet flooring and more.

See what Disney Channel’s ROSHON FEGAN said about Dura Dance!

What is it exactly?

The system combines a Dance Pad Foam Underlayment with a quick-click floating floor to absorb energy exceptionally well.

The underlayment:

  • reduces impact, sound and floor noise
  • resists mold and mildew with an Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment
  • eliminates hollow clacking sounds
  • smoothes out minor subfloor irregularities up to 1/8"
  • adds a thermal value to your floor
  • is non-allergenic and odorless
  • is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly

Recommended floors

Although the Dance Pad Foam Underlayment can be installed under virtually any quick-click flooring, we recommend using:

Morning Star Clic Bamboo floors- ½" thick
Schon Quick Click Engineered Hardwood floors- 7/16" thick

Find a list of floors you could install with the Dura Dance Home System here, and step into a safe new practice space that looks like a regular room.

This customer installed Schon Quick Clic Engineered Acacia in a new home dance studio using the Dura Dance system!

"We are very pleased with the results! The floor has an excellent feel that is firm with a little flex."

Acacia with Dura-dance


  • Approved Subfloors
  • Dry, completely cured concrete that is at least 14 days old with HVAC operating. (All concrete floors must have a 6 mil moisture barrier film installed on the floor to prevent potential moisture damage to the underlayment and the wood flooring.)
  • ¾" interior plywood, OSB flooring, gypcrete (must be primed).
  • Waterproofing and crack-isolation membranes.
  • Cement backer units.
  • Existing vinyl, wood, and laminate floors.

First, install the Dance Pad Foam Underlayment with the fabric side up on your clean and dry subfloor. Roll out the underlayment next to the wall. Roll out next row in same manner butting underlayment close to first row (do not overlap). Tape seams with a standard 2" polyethylene packaging tape. Next, install the flooring according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, ENJOY!


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