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We love to see your new floors and cute pets! See some of our most charming customers, learn about Taber abrasion testing, and get advice for protecting floors in homes with pets.

Handscraped- Virginia Mill Works Vineyard Heart Pine

“We have two Saint Bernards (150 lbs.), and the floors on our main level were installed by my husband and dad, a year and a half ago. The floor have been amazing. Easy to clean, and a great finish! We loved these floors so much that we are installing them on our second floor, too. All carpet is being replaced by these floors. In fact all of our friends are now considering this floor, too.” (Virginia Mill Works Old World Oak)

Bellawood Golden Teak

Bellawood Golden Teak

Virginia mill works tobacco road acacia handscraped

Virginia Mill Works Tobacco Road Acacia Handscraped

Bellawood brazilian koa

“We Love this flooring! We installed it throughout our house and couldn’t be happier with the product! The color is GORGEOUS. It is durable, easy to clean, and did I mention just gorgeous!”

Bellawood Brazilian Koa

Morning star horizontal carbonized bamboo

Morning Star Horizontal Carbonized Bamboo

Moisture damage- dog

Virginia Mill Works Golden Teak Acacia Handscraped

Morning star strand qing xiamen bamboo

“We used this beautiful flooring in our den. We have a few big dogs and it stands up to their rough play perfectly. This floor has transformed our room from boring to BUDDA BING! Everyone who walks in oohs and ahhhs.”

Morning Star Qing Xiamen Strand Bamboo

Virginia mill works tobacco road acacia handscraped

Virginia Mill Works Tobacco Road Acacia Handscraped

Morning star golden zebra strand bamboo

Morning Star Golden Zebra Strand Bamboo

Supreme bamboo horizontal carbonized

Supreme Horizontal Carbonized Bamboo

Bellawood Natural australian cypress

“We have four cats living here, so I had concerns about accidents. I am happy to say that that hairball messes sitting on the floor all day during work do not harm the floor at all. Overall we are extremely happy with the purchase and could not be happier with the appearance.”

Bellawood Natural Australian Cypress

Golden Teak Handscraped

Golden Teak Handscraped

pets and flooring

No wood flooring brand or finish is truly “scratch proof,” but if you have pets and worry about putting in new floors check out Bellawood. These floors are pre-finished with eight coats of an aluminum oxide water-base urethane. Our Bellawoods have a Taber Rating of over 2000!

Taber Testing is an abrasion testing method designed to measure the abrasion resistance of protective floor finishes. Flooring squares are secured to a turntable and then weighted with sandpaper. The turntable is rotated, causing the sandpaper to wear against the finish. Each full revolution of the turntable is counted as a Taber cycle. The number of rotations it takes the sandpaper to get through the finish becomes the ISP Taber Rating for that finish. Finish warrantees are established by this testing.

Hear from animal-loving Facebook fans, who have tips for how to keep your floors safe and clean!

“Swiffers” -Tiffany S.

(We would advise against using any wet mop, but a dry Swiffer mop should work well!)

“We replaced our carpet with hardwoods. It’s so much easier to clean. I vacuum and use the libman freedom mop” -Lisa V.

“I’m constantly sweeping my hardwoods or using the swiffer vacuum. To wash it I use the Bellawood floor cleaner in the Rubbermaid revel mop. It’s great!” -Lisa S.

“…Two big dogs, no issues. They adjusted to walking on it rather quickly. I think the handscraping helps. Easy to clean, I just use my micro fiber mop every day and once a week, twice if necessary, I use the hard wood cleaner from LL, Piece of cake!” -Terrie D.

“I have an Irobot roomba. I call her Rosie. Best investment I ever made. Great on dog hair and all the sandy dirt that gets tracked in…” -Jill O.

Thanks for sharing your tips with us! Have another? Leave it in the comments!



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