After Your Lumber Liquidators Installation


After install


Inspect Your Project

Plan to perform a walk-through with your Installation Provider. If you notice anything that does not meet your expectations, be sure that it is communicated to your Installation Provider to be addressed right away. If you are unable to resolve these issues with your Installation Provider, please contact an Installation Coordinator at 1-800-651-1635.

Installation Completion Form

After you have completed a walk-through, confirm that the project has been completed to your satisfaction by signing the Installation Completion Form. If a representative is signing on your behalf, be sure he/she designates his/her relationship to you. This document does not affect your warranty in any way. Additionally, there is a section for customer comments. Please provide any feedback that you would like to be communicated to our company. Your feedback is very valuable as we strive to continually improve our services.

Site Clean Up

Upon completion, the Installation Provider will remove all debris associated with your project unless specifically indicated otherwise on your order. You may need to touch up and paint areas, such as baseboard or molding, affected by the installation as this is not part of the installation service.


  •  Gaps between floor boards do not constitute a product failure and may be the result of normal seasonal changes. It is crucial that the indoor environment be a safe haven for wood, bamboo, cork, and laminate flooring. The relative in-home humidity and temperature should be continuously maintained between 30-50% and 60-80°F, respectively (Tile, Engineered Vinyl Plank, Click Ceramic Plank & Luxury Vinyl Plank are not affected by site humidity).
  • A whole home humidifier may be necessary for arid conditions. Gaps and cracks in flooring indicate a dry environment. Wood stoves, electric and radiant floor heat all contribute to a lack of moisture.
  • Elevated humidity can be maintained by the use of a dehumidifier. Cupping and droplets inside glass doors and window panes denote a moist environment.






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