Anything But Ordinary Styles: 2015 Fall Flooring Trends


Fall Flooring Season continues with gorgeous, unmatchable looks that pack a punch! You bring your own style to the rest of your house – why not use a bold floor to define your style? With stunning textures, patterns and colors, this week we’re bringing you hot exotic & unique styles – like:

Brazilian Cherry

bellawood cherry

Your décor can either detract from your home or define it. Exotic species and unique flooring styles bring designer impact. If simple maple and traditional oak don’t fit your style, try acacia, koa, cumaru & more exotic species! They offer bold patterns & striking color palettes to satisfy your anything-but-ordinary taste.

Abbi Williams, Interior Designer in Atlanta, GA, says, “It’s inevitable for your decorating tastes to change over the years, but your house? That’s built to last. As a designer, I recommend selecting a floor that complements the architectural style of your home as opposed to your existing furniture. That way, your hardwood is installed to withstand the test of time and your furniture can evolve as you do.”

Check out what these customers had to say about their own distinctive floors:

Tobacco Road Acacia

“The colors are great and it goes with any type of wood that you may have in your house.” – Actual Customer, PA

0923- Builder's Pride Tobacco Road Acacia 5

Alice Springs Acacia

“Complete remodel of a hoarder house! I moved the old galley kitchen and placed it in the original family room, blew out walls and created a huge open living area.” – Giovanni, CA

0923- Dream Home STJ Alice Springs Acacia- Giovanni- CA before and after

If you’re looking for a style that stands out, we’ve got them in spades  – at stunningly low prices. Check out our whole inventory today!


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