Beautiful Floor! Definitely Brightens Up Our Place!

3.2mm Buttercream Maple Engineered Vinyl Plank Flooring

Love the color and pattern! As stated above, it brightens up our 1st floor so much! We were also considering, Dewey Meadow and also Heartland Red Oak. Those look dark putting them next to our Buttercream Maple floor. Love the texture and finish of the floor. Has that unfinished look to it and you can feel the texture of the floor, just like a real wood floor. We has laminate before and that had a polished, smooth feel to it. So, this feels and looks more like a real wood floor. Our laminate before was about 6mm and get this 3.2mm, we were wondering how it would feel and perform. After about a week, we can’t tell the difference from what we had there before. Again, the 3.2mm Buttercream Maple seems very nice under our feet and with using the poly vapor sheet and CoreLuxe underlayment… there is not a hollow or even heavy sound as we walk on the planks. We feel this was a very good choice. Was a little “leary” about getting a thinner plank and paying so little for it, but so far, so good! We are happy with it! -Tom & Eva, OH


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