Beautifully Unique

BELLAWOOD Engineered 
1/2″ x 5-1/8″ Matte Brazilian Pecan Engineered Hardwood Flooring

We used this flooring to replace carpet in a small bedroom and closet (150 sq ft total) that is used as a home office. The room has large windows that allow plenty of natural light during the day, which is where the beauty of the wood truly shines. Out of the 5 boxes that were delivered, only two boards appear similar enough to notice, so almost each piece has a unique wood grain and color that draws the eye across every square foot of floor. The installation of the flooring was very straightforward for a weekend DIYer like myself who has some experience with installing this type of product in the past and the necessary tools required for the project. We completed the entire removal of the carpet and wood floor install in about 16 total hours over a weekend. Negotiating doorways and final edge cuts occupied a majority of the installation time. The tongue and groove of the boards fit together easily and tightly, and the seams remained intact with wood glue applied to the grooves as we installed. During the installation, a board was dropped vertically from about 18 inches, and it left a dent in one of the boards on the floor. The indentation was not deep and is really only noticeable if a person knows where to look and the light hits it right. It seems possible that future dents are to be expected, and care will need to be taken with furniture to help prevent gouges and grooves from moving. Because the traffic in the room will be low, we are not too worried about durability, but it may be worth noting for other rooms where it is a concern. We are very pleased with the outcome from the project and the final product. The color and wood grain are wonderful, and we look forward to enjoying it for years to come. -MO


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