Bellawood Brazilian Cherry, There’s a Reason it’s Popular


Bellawood Brazilian Cherry is one of our most popular flooring options.  And for good reason.  Not only is it beautiful, but it also durable.  It can make any space look elegant.  I actually have it in my home!  And it’s beautiful and gets more beautiful over time.


Bellawood, our flagship line, offers both traditional domestic and exotic floors.  It also has a 50 year, UV-cure aluminum oxide finish.  No messy sanding or varnishing, you just install your floor and you’re ready to go!

Brazilian Cherry is known for it’s color, hardness, and durability.  Now remember, no two floors will look the same.  Brazilian Cherry shows a variety of colors from golden brown to reddish brown.  It’s great in homes and in business.  Brazilian Cherry has a Janka rating of 2820 which is 123% harder than Red Oak!  Now remember, that doesn’t mean that it’s impenetrable.  It is a natural product so if something heavy is dropped or dragged across the floor, it can scratch or dent.

Something to take note of with Brazilian Cherry is that over time, it will patina.  What I mean by that is as it is exposed to light, it will darken over time and colors will get deeper and richer.  Therefore, during the first six months we do recommend moving furniture (as long as they have felt pads on the bottom!) and avoiding putting down area rugs so that the floor can change at a relatively consistent pace.  If you do choose to put area rugs down, you may notice that the floor underneath is much lighter when you move the rug.  If you remove the rug, the covered area of flooring will catch up to the rest of the wood eventually.

Also, Brazilian Cherry is not the best product over radiant heat  While Brazilian Cherry is more stable than Red Oak, we don’t recommend it because sustained high heat associated with radiant heat flooring can have a negative impact with Brazilian Cherry.  Natural oils, calcification and other properties of this species can slowly migrate to the surface just under the clear top finishes, manifested as small whitish oxidation spots.  This whitish calcification is a characteristic of the species, not a defect.  Individual boards manifesting this condition will have to be replaced with new boards, it cannot be sanded out.

We offer Bellawood Brazilian Cherry in 5/16" x 2-1/4", 3/8" x 3", 3/4" x 2-1/4", 3/4" x 3-1/4" (what we have and my favorite), and 3/4" x 5".  There’s a product for many different applications, budget, and installation method.  We also offer Bellawood Brazilian Cherry in an engineered variety.

Another product that we offer is Brazilian Cherry Lite.  This flooring has tones ranging from yellowish brown to reddish brown.  It’s great for people who love the red tones of Brazilian Cherry, but want a paler colored wood.  Brazilian Cherry Lite has the same Janka rating as Brazilian Cherry.  We offer this in 1/2" x 3", 3/4" x 2-1/4", and 3/4" x 3-1/4".

Brazilian Cherry Lite

All of Brazilian Cherry and Brazilian Cherry Lite products are Select Grade.  That means they have the most uniform color with no large knots, and the longest average length of planks.  

So it’s no wonder that Bellawood Brazilian Cherry is as popular as it is.  It has looks, strength, and character.  All of those things make it a floor you should consider today!


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