Bellawood on a Budget: Select Ash


Multiple contractors told Rocky and Angie they were “nuts”? for thinking their budget would allow them to install hardwood flooring in their Elizabethtown, PA home. They had a price to stick to and looked around before finding Bellawood Select Ash at Lumber Liquidators.

Before making a decision they used our Room Designer to get a better idea of how the floor would look with the green walls and white cabinets in their kitchen!

“Our main issue was price,” Angie says. By using Lumber Liquidators, they were able to double the square footage of their order and do the kitchen and living room; something Rocky says would not have been possible elsewhere! Angie and Rocky chose Bellawood because of the 100 year warranty and the online reviews, an easy way to see what real customers think of Select Ash in their homes.

Angie says, “It’s really been super easy to clean. I actually don’t have to clean it as much as I had to do my vinyl floor. Even if something sticky gets on I don’t feel it as much.”

The couple says the durability of the floor is even better than the vinyl they previously had in the kitchen. Two children, dropped utensils, sticky food and spills are not a problem with Bellawood Select Ash. No more running for the steam cleaner or jumping on towels to clean up spills!

“We love our house, we take pride in our house, and we’re gonna be here for the rest of our lives, so it’s like, you know what if we’re gonna do it, let’s either do it right or let’s wait. And because of the price we got at Lumber Liquidators it’s like, we can do it right and we’ll never have to worry about flooring again.”


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