Carpet Catastrophe Winners: Biggest Catastrophes


Congratulations to Amanda and Deborah, our Grand Prize and Runner Up winners of the Carpet Catastrophe Contest!

THANK YOU to all who entered! We received so many horrible, hilarious & heart-wrenching catastrophes it was tough to choose the top 2. Read the winners’ stories and some other catastrophes we loved.


“Dear Lumber Liquidators,
My name is Reese and I have a confession…. I have nervous diarrhea. Oops, have I said too much?  Well it is all part of the carpet catastrophe story! I am a 75 pound labradoodle and my best friend is a 7 pound toy poodle named Winston. When we are separated, well that’s when the nervous diarrhea comes in. When our mom and dad got married, they set us up in luxury accommodations that included creamy ivory carpet and two wonderful dog sitters. What they forgot to tell the dog sitters was about my nervous diarrhea. The day of mom and dad’s wedding we got separated. Winston was in his cage in the kitchen and I was sleeping with my dog sitter. That ominous feeling started in my gut; I was getting nervous not having my little dog buddy around. I just couldn’t contain it; the diarrhea came splashing out onto the pristine ivory carpet. It went down quickly from there, that ivory carpet soaked those stains down deep into its fiber, mom found out on her wedding day what I had done and my dog sitter had to clean it up in her bridesmaid dress. The accident also happened hours before the groomsmen were supposed to get ready in the room where the accident occurred and the photographer had to strategically take pictures around the stains. The problem is I have no way to ever pay back my dog sitters for the terrible accident that occurred. Their carpets still bear the stains of that fateful day and while they can now laugh about the incident, I would love to give them the beautiful floors they deserve.” Love and tail wags, Reese (and the dog sitters)- Amanda S.

Amanda Seilheimer

RUNNER UP: Deborah M.

“Warning: This story is pretty gross, but I guess most carpet catastrophes are! It was July 2011. My husband was deployed, and I was three months pregnant and home alone with our lab. The typical exhaustion from pregnancy was magnified when the dog had diarrhea for several days, as I was getting up every couple hours to go downstairs to let her out (good practice for the upcoming baby, I guess!). Unfortunately, at one point I must not have heard her whining for me, because when I woke up and went downstairs I was greeted with the foulest stench I’d ever encountered and it looked like someone had spilled coffee all over the white carpet in our living room. I called my husband crying, but what was he going to do? We had just moved to California from Florida and had no family or friends nearby, so I had to tackle the mess myself. My stomach, however, decided that it wanted to make the situation a little more interesting. I was still at the point in my pregnancy when nasty smells and even the thought of something gross would result in me tossing my cookies. As I tried to sop up the mess, I proceeded to lose my dinner ON TOP of the dog’s diarrhea. By the time I realized I should just throw up on the tile to minimize the mess, I had left my own marks all over the living room and hallway. I ended up having to leave the mess until the morning, when my stomach was a little bit stronger. A steamer got the stains and smell out, but I have to wonder what’s lurking under the carpet and in the padding. We still have the same carpet down (gross!) and I’d love to know that my 16-month old daughter is walking on sanitary hardwood! Such a costly upgrade hasn’t been in the budget yet (the living room alone is 350 square feet), so winning this contest would really help us out! P.S. I’ve attached a photo of the offender that was taken while we were painting prior to move-in. I never took a photo of the diarrhea and vomit, but would really have wanted to see that.” – Deborah M.

Deborah McCarthy

Now read some other big catastrophes:

“Dear Lumber Liquidators,
It all started back before Christmas: Mom and Dad went to the store and left a big fat juicy steak sitting on the counter to thaw. I just couldn’t help myself, so i grabbed it, took it onto the dining room carpet and indulged a little…well actually ALOT! The steak was so juicy and bloody I kind of made a little mess. Mom spent nearly an hour cleaning it all up! Well, a few weeks later, I was home alone and chilling out in the dining room when I got a whiff of that delicious steak. I looked all over the dining room but couldn’t see it! I thought maybe, just maybe, there were some leftovers hiding under the carpet. I had to find it! So I dug, and dug, and dug some more. I dug all the way through the carpet, the padding and down to the subfloor! But, still no steak! I decided to take extreme measures and ripped back the whole carpet just in case; but I STILL didn’t find anything! By that time, mom walked in the door and I was busted. Man was she upset with me!! I screwed up big time. Well, now I’m stuck in this crate until mom and dad get hardwood floors installed. Lumber Liquidators, please help me get out of this crate!!
Yours Truly, Zivah
PS~ I overheard them talking and they seem to think the hardwood floors won’t trick me into thinking my steak was under it!” – Victoria M.

Victoria Macklin

“Our family carpet catastrophe. . . .
Our family of four moved from Baltimore, Maryland to Puyallup, Washington about nine years ago.  Our youngest son was not even two years old.  He was a handful.
He could get out of his car seat. He tried to close himself in the refrigerator in the middle of the night.  He figured out how use things to stand on to get to items above his reach.  That gave him a better vantage point to figure out how to unlock the doors and escape to the outside.  We were in a continual state of panic.
That also meant that he could climb onto the washer and get to the laundry detergent.  He didn’t ingest any of the huge, brand new container of laundry detergent.  No.  He dumped it out on the carpet.  I had to wrap my head around the idea that he could open the door to the laundry room; climb onto the washer; get a hold the very heavy bottle of detergent; and then to be able to open and pour it out.
For me, that mess was overwhelming.  My husband suggested that I call a carpet cleaner to see what they could do.  The carpet guy said to use all of the dirty laundry in the house to soak up the liquid.  Then he would come over and use a machine to extract what was left.
It took many cycles in the washer to rinse the detergent out of the towels, clothes, and comforters.  Even now, after many years, that is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of carpet catastrophes.” – Michelle Armstrong

“Nana’s Hansel and Gretel story
I had gone to visit my daughter and her family. My grandson Jack had a very bad case of ‘the poops’. My daughter had to run to the store for milk and left nana in charge. The car was not even out of the driveway when there was an explosion in the diaper. OK….I can do this. I put Jack on the soft carpet and proceeded to change him. All cleaned up but I realized I left the diaper in his room down the hall. How long will it take to run and get one…. well too long!I dropped the dirty one in the trash and grabbed a new one only to arrive to and trail of goodies and they were not cookie crumbs. Cleaned Jack up and the rug as best I could and breathed a sigh of relief. Then went to his room to find that the dog had thought the diaper was a ‘treasure’ and dragged it across the floor …. Yes carpet again…..Nana was ready for a nap !!!!!!” – Diane Shaner

“My dog Millie had a cyst explode in the middle of the night and lost a ton of blood.  When we woke up in the morning we found her on the floor next to our bed in a mess.  Thankfully we got her in for surgery right away and is doing well.  Too bad I can’t say the same for the carpet.  Turns out she has breast cancer but the vet thinks they got it all.  Who knew dogs could get that.  Would love to get this replaced so we don’t have a daily reminder of that awful night we almost lost Millie.” – Amy Olinzock

“I received a jury summons and had to leave my newly adopted Boxer alone in the house for several hours. I picked up a few things I thought he may get into before leaving however I forgot about the 2 liters of soda and Gatorade six packs I had purchased for a work party. As if jury duty wasn’t bad enough I had to come home to this mess! He chewed open all the soda and Gatorade and dumped them into the carpet. In addition to being quite colorful it was a very sticky mess. I had them professionally cleaned but the stains didn’t come out and the carpet continued to be sticky.” – Jamie Wells

Jamie Wells

“My dog Bella has pretty bad separation anxiety. We have to leave her in her crate when we leave because she gets too nervous and forgets where to go to the bathrooom. She is quite the escape artist though. She finds the most bizarre ways to get out of the metal crate. On day, I left to tutor on a Saturday morning. I returned home to find the entire house had blood everywhere. All over the living room, up the stairs, in the hall. It was like a horror movie!! She squeezed out of a two inch space in the crate door. She’s a pit mix so that is quite a feat to accomplish. She cut her face during her mission and was dripping blood. She must have done a few victory laps through the house leaving a huge mess!!! Thankfully she is okay and has not escaped since. Fingers crossed that I didn’t just jinx her!” – Kate Quindlen

“OMG my worst carpet disaster happened a couple of months ago. My daughter made a double chocolate chip cookie cake to take to her friend for her birthday. She left it on the counter to cool, not thinking to put it out of harms way. By harms way I mean our 4 dogs…..we have 2 boxers, a mini dachshund and a shi-tzu. Our 2 year old boxer is infamous for getting things off of the counter and I am sure there was plenty of encouragement from the gang to get that cookie cake down for them all to share. A few hours later I come home to an empty pan on the kitchen floor plus 4 dogs worth of chocolate vomit and chocolate diarrhea on my carpets. Now I am a chocoholic, but that clean up put me off chocolate for quite a while!!” – Lora Smurphat

“Spilled nachos with melted cheese and salsa which almost instantly penetrated and hardened on the carpet. Yuck!!! I worked with my fingernails to get the congealed stuff out, then used the carpet cleaner and diluted bleach to get the stain out.” – Rose Redmond

“Wood stain, spilled on only carpet left in our house. I was staining a small piece of wood on the coffee table when one of our dogs bumped the table and spilled the stain.  Also happens to be our family room, where we spend all of our time.  My wife is happy because we will have all wood floors in the house.” – Travis Ortner

Travis Ortner

“My daughter working on a school project at the dining room table spilled rubber cement on the carpet. Absolutely no way to get up, clean up or reduce attraction of dirt. Just had to buy a throw rug.  We know it is there, though!!!! Help!” – Robert Stershic

“As a busy wife and mother of three young children, carpet doesn’t last long at all in our home.  Our biggest catastrophe…Well, during a class field trip to Old Salem in North Carolina, my daughter wondered how awesome it would be to write as they did in colonial times, with feather and ink. She talked me into buying a bottle of black ink (you can see where this is going, right?). Needless to say, as soon as we got home, and she began to use it, down onto the floor it went. All over the carpet, all over our furniture, splattered everywhere!  We haven’t had the finances to replace it.  We love Lumber Liquidators flooring choices, and hope to find the finances soon, but until then, a new floor is just a dream away.” – Jennifer Rivera

“Our daughter Monica agreed to “temporarily” care for the ferret of a friend who was going through some difficulties. Monica brought the cute little guy home with her over college break. He really was a sweet little thing…playful, friendly, loving. We gave him the run of our bedroom/bathroom, which seemed to work very well for the first couple weeks. Until the day I heard him trying to escape the bedroom by digging under the door! I came running upstairs to see what was happening, and when I threw open the door, he zipped past me and made a mad dash for freedom. Seeing my bedroom carpet in shreds, I immediately went into damage control mode and began working on salvaging what I could. Unfortunately, while I was working, so was our little furry friend. In the few minutes I was working on our bedroom carpet, he managed to dig a similar hole at my daughter’s bedroom door, a third on the stairway landing, a fourth at the bottom of our stairs, a fifth in our family room hall, a sixth in the family room itself, and a final one in the dining room. I must say, the little guy was the most prolific digger I’ve ever met.” – Laura Siedlarczyk

Laura Siedlarczyk

“It was the hottest part of summer, with temperatures reaching over 100 when the filters on our 30 gallon fish tank started to clog. Water from the tank began to slowly run down the outside of the tank, dampening the carpet below.  Not knowing what was going on yet, we continued to fill the tank every day thinking it was just evaporating. After a few days, we started noticing a fishy smell in the corner of the room and under the couch.  This is when we felt around and noticed all the fishy water that was soaking the carpet below!  On top of that, mildew began to grow causing an unbearable stench, which lofted throughout the house. We have attempted to clean this up, but the carpet is badly discolored and still has a slight odor to it.  Needless to say, I think it’s time to rip it up and put down some new flooring!!!  Fish tank resistant would work best!” – Matt Wertz

“Due to the fact that we have a sunroom, our living room gets no use in the summer…One summer morning as I was walking out to the kitchen I felt a strange feeling under my bare feet.  That strange feeling turned out to be maggots. Sparing you a lot of details the maggots had infested the living room carpet. We found the source to be a dead racoon found in the chimney. After hours of steaming and cleaning the only way to eliminate the maggots was going to be  to remove the carpeting. Underneath the carpeting was oak flooring with hundreds of nails the size of roofing nails. This was the previous owners remedy for warped flooring.  This was then covered with carpeting.  As you can see from the attached picture we need to replace this hardwood. This is my embarrassing carpet catastrophe.” – Patti Ammerman

“Well it all starts when grandpa came over to watch the grand kids well we went Christmas shopping ….in the mean time grandpa was assisting my oldest son ( who is 6) with his home work and my (who is 3) youngest was coloring well she decided to take a PERMANET marker and color the carpet… lets just say we were all devastated! Thanks to the Traverse City Lumber Liquidators our houses looks better then it ever did before! And lets just say no more coloring on the floor:-) thanks so much you guys are true life savers!!!!!!!!” – Crystal Budreau

Crystal Budreau

Thanks again to everyone who entered! Stay tuned for upcoming contests and while you wait, check out great deals on!


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