Carpet Catastrophes: The Craziest Carpets!


Thanks again to all who entered the Carpet Catastrophe Contest! You submitted some crazy looking carpets, so now we’re sharing them with you! Here are some of the strangest, brightest, and most unique carpets you entered!

“My husband bought the house 2 yrs and we haven’t been able to remove it! So were are stuck with a very ugly, yucky orange/ retro/ 50’s rug & we hate it!!!!” – Moncerrate D.

Moncerrate Delgado

“We have a A-frame and the carpeting is scarlet red. Back in the 70’s it was really cool, now that it is splotchy and sun faded it isnt. When people enter our house they saw WOW, and it isnt because it looks great.” – Sheri J.

Sheri Jaffe

“Bought a Lake House sight unseen and love it but it has wall to wall pink carpeting…even the stairs….way too much pink.” – Harold F.

Harold Farnham

“I don’t know what is worst, the pukey green shag carpet in 2 of our bedrooms, or the carpet up our walls. Actually the worst is the yellow, white, orange 70’s vinyl flooring in our kitchen.” – Sara P.

Sara Plott

“Bought this house & have to replace 4 rooms with burgandy carpet! The pic below a pipe had burst and water was all over the floor! Master has colbalt blue carpet. Not sure what previous owners were thinking with their color choices!” – Alicia D.

Alicia Dooley

“We just bought our first house and the entire house is covered in this bright pink carpet.  The bathroom even has carpet.” – Johnathon S.

Johnathon Searfoss

“I had bought the house under the impression that there were hardwood floors beneath the hideous rugs, as you could see the original hardwood planks from in the basement looking upward at the floor. To my surprise, underneath the first layer of “Grass Shag” was another layer of shag rug! Fortunately, this rug was puke colored already because I just about gagged when I saw it! After nearly becoming ill, I began removing that carpet as well only to find it was covering some horrid, jaw-breaker-esque (see picture and you will understand) tiles (that likely contain asbestos due to their age!) Unfortunately for me, the red, blue and yellow flakes in the once white tiles do not match any of my furniture. They actually do not match any furniture made in the past 40 years” – Scott G.

Scott Gardner

“”NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE!!!!!!!!” – Thor T.

Thor Tamberg

“My dad refuses to replace anything ever. To him it will always be good or fixable. Needless to say he build a house in 1976 that was the height of fashion and now it is a huge eyesore.” – Maija P.

Maija  Piontkowski

“We recently purchased a home where the carpet is a disaster! We thought, at first, that maybe the basement was used as a daycare, but sadly…no, it wasn’t. The previous owners apparently just wanted to have hopscotch and Chinese checkers ready to go at anytime! The carpet has about five different games woven into it. We have a beautiful fireplace that we would love to highlight with hardwood floors. Unfortunately, the "game carpet" steals the show.” – Nicole K.

Nicole Kerman

“Our carpet is tired,17 years of family dinners has taken it’s toll. The carpet can not survive another cleaning.” – Jeff G.

Jeff Grady

“I bought my house a year ago and 2 of the rooms have old hardwood and 3 of my rooms have the worst color carpet I have ever seen.” – Stephanie P.

Stephanie Peterson

“We bought a fixer upper. We have bright blue, stained, smelly carpet in the dining and living rooms. There is also a nasty carpet under the eating area in the kitchen. Upstairs, we have improperly installed carpet in the children’s rooms that is bunching up, and finally the carpet in our master is brown and worn through. There is no padding left!” – Kristen W.

Kristen Wojtkowiak

“Besides the fact that it is carpet, IN THE KITCHEN, it is loosely laid over old laminate tiles that are popping loose. It is hideous shades of brown and orange with lovely splashes of avocado green.” – Phoene R.

Phoene Richie

“My carpet catastrophe is the hot red mess in the basement of my new home.” – Robin Miller

Robin Miller

“Bad carpeting on the floor is a mistake but bad carpeting on the walls is a catastrophe of unimaginable ramifications.” – Brenda B.

Brenda Burkett

“All of these bland colors are so depressing; not to mention the look on people’s faces when they walk in the door. We always end up having to ‘apologize’ for the carpet and asking folks to just pretend that they’re walking outside on the grass so they don’t get nauseated by the color. This forest green carpet is a mess.” – Kelsey P.

Kelsey Pugh

“As if the condition of the carpet is not enough I have to endure the daily assault of 70’s avocado green.  I desperately want to replace this carpet with beautiful, durable hardwood flooring and request mercy from the flooring gods.” – Ashley S.

Ashley Sullins

“We need to find a hardwood floor to replace the multi-colored shag carpet before it ‘grows on us’ as it did on the previous owners who said ‘When we bought this house 17 years ago, this carpet was the first thing we were going to get rid of, but then it grew on us. It may grow on you too.” – Noelle S.

Noelle Stock

“Brown carpet in the kitchen, Landry room going into the small half bathroom.” – Monica C.

Monica Coy

“My dining room carpet (yes, it really is carpet).  Too ugly for my kitties to play on!” – Teresa F.

Teresa Ford

“Bought my grandparents house circa 1970.  Nothing has been updated.  My 17 year old daughter says That 70’s Show blew up inside, my wife says the Brady Bunch and Partridge Family did.” – Jeff K.

Jeff K

“We just bought a house that is straight out of the 1970s … shag, multi-colored, and simply an utter catastrophe of design. It’s really quite amazing, the previous owner took a theme and simply ran with it, and we’ve ended up with this nightmare! We might frame it and give it to a museum.” – Jeof O.

Jeof Oyster

Really, this last one just made me laugh..

“Just having to look at the old worn out carpet in the bedroom is enough of a catastrophe. It looks like this dog.” – Gary B.

Gary Bennett

Thanks for sharing everyone!


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