Customer Transformations: August 10 – 14


Welcome back, readers; we hope you had a wonderful weekend! August is in full swing, and if you’re searching for a remodeling project to tackle this summer, look no further than our Before & After site, where we collect photo submissions from hundreds of our satisfied customers. And, as we do every Monday, we’ve picked five of our favorites to feature. Read on to see transformations using a range of our products, from on-trend laminates to beautiful bamboos!

Michelle White – Springdale, AR


While many of our customers find themselves replacing worn, outdated carpeting, Michelle’s shag carpet from 1980 was in a class all its own. She tore it out and installed our Delaware Bay Driftwood – a laminate that happened to be our featured floor a few weeks ago – and the results speak for themselves: Her bedroom now juxtaposes wooden walls with a sleek gray floor, blending the traditional and contemporary for unparalleled style. “Love the floor, easy to install,” she wrote. “Thanks!” You’re welcome, Michelle! And congratulations – we’re glad you love your new floor!

Marina Roytman – Brooklyn, NY

beforeafter-135It looks like we have another convert to our Delaware Bay Driftwood: When Marina renovated her entire apartment, she gave the walls a fresh coat of paint and replaced the tiled parquet floor with our popular laminate. The floor’s gray hues complement the pale blue of the walls and provide striking contrast against the dark leather décor, rendering the new apartment almost completely unrecognizable. Fantastic job, Marina! We love the modern look.

Pam Patton – Coraopolis, PA


After Pam had her house built, she “didn’t want to pay [the builder’s]prices for hardwood floors” – so once she and her family moved in, Pam contacted us to install our Select Brazilian Cherry throughout her new home! The transformation in her kitchen alone is stunning: While the original tile wasn’t bad, it didn’t do her granite countertops and beige walls justice. The hardwood adds an accent of cherry and a feeling of warmth to the kitchen. We’re impressed, Pam; wonderful job!

Wendy Thomas – Philadelphia, PA


Once Wendy removed her dark green carpet, she found that the wood underneath was “thin, squeaky, and stained from [her]previous dog.” But that didn’t stop Wendy: She had us overlay our Woven Ginger Bamboo on the old wood and completely updated the look and feel of her living room. The bamboo emits a natural beauty that gives the room an air of elegance and sophistication. We hope your family likes it as much as we do, Wendy!

Kevin Grant – Lake Forest, CA


Continuing with our theme of carpet catastrophes, Kevin’s bedroom did a complete 180 from the fuzz that once was. Before, it was covered in a unique sky-blue carpet and accented with various floral patterns, a texture better suited to a Beanie Baby than a bedroom floor. But now, with our Golden Teak Acacia and a splash of green paint, the room feels natural, contemporary, and spacious. And Kevin didn’t stop at one bedroom – he renovated all three! Great job, Kevin; what an inspiration!

Thanks to everyone who shared his or her success story with us last week; we always enjoy seeing the transformations of each home. For more inspiration, be sure to check out our Before & After site!


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