Customer Transformations: August 31 – September 4


Welcome back, readers; we hope you enjoyed your weekend! Whether you’re planning a renovation or just dreaming of one, look to the photo submissions on our Before & After site for inspiration. We love it when our customers post pictures of their successful remodeling projects, and – as we do each week – we feature five of our favorites that each exemplify how a new floor can completely transform the look and feel of a room.

Rashun Turner – South Holland, IL


Rashun’s kitchen did a complete 180 with his extensive remodel. Not only did he update his cabinets and countertops, but he also replaced his dated, patterned tile with our Brazilian Koa. This hardwood, often referred to as “tiger stripe,” is unique in its bright color and contrasting lines. The hints of dark brown highlight his new cabinets and dining room set, bringing warmth and harmony to the room. Well done, Rashun!

Glenn Hamel – Crawfordville, FL


Often, a renovation project involves more than just a new floor: Some update their walls, furniture, and décor as well. Glenn, however, solely changed the flooring in his living room, and his remodel provides a perfect example of how one variable can update an entire room. With the removal of his carpet and the addition of our Delaware Bay Driftwood, every aspect of the area becomes saturated in style. Wonderful job, Glenn!

Bob Shegan – Seven Hills, OH


Bob took on the rather ambitious project of converting his living room to a dining room. The first step? Tearing out his green carpet and replacing it with our Antique Handscraped Bamboo. His resulting dining room is nearly unrecognizable: Without the unfortunate green carpet, the space looks both large and comfortable. And he did it himself! “The flooring went down so very easily,” Bob wrote. “Only took me eight hours to completely install after all the painting and other prep work was completed. I could not be happier with the results.” Great renovation, Bob; we’re glad you’re enjoying your new floor!

James Carter – Granville, NY


It looks like we have another convert to our Antique Handscraped Bamboo! James decided to cover the old pine floor in his daughter’s room with our bamboo, and what a transformation: The deep browns add a sense of warmth, and the variations in gradient bring an eye-catching complexity that complements the teal walls wonderfully. “We used the premium floor pads, quarter-round molding, and thresholds that match perfectly,” he wrote. “It came out perfect! We love it!” Congratulations on your new bedroom, James!

Nathan Graveman – Madison, AL


Nathan’s family room underwent a stunning transformation when he installed our Natural Acacia. The laminate, with its rich wood-like gradient and texture, adds a nice contrast to the beige walls and fireplace and reflects the natural sunlight for an expansive, comfortable space. And it was easy to install: “The installers had no problem installing the floors,” he wrote. “They complimented the laminate [planks], saying they were the easiest they have seen go together without any problems.” Fantastic job, Nathan!

Thanks to everyone who shared his or her success story with us last week; we always enjoy seeing the transformations of each home. For more inspiration, be sure to check out our Before & After site!


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