Customer Transformations: December 5 – 9


Happy Monday and first week of December! 2016 is almost over. It’s been an incredible year for Lumber Liquidators, in large part due to our wonderful customers – like YOU! We appreciate your business so much that our favorite time of the week is Monday (ever heard that before?) because we can show off your incredible transformations. Every week, you amaze us, take our breath away, and show us what a little creativity and vision can accomplish. For that, thank you. Want to see your before-and-after pics featured on our blog? Visit our Before & After site, and submit your pictures. While we can’t feature every submission we receive, we promise that we look at them all. Happy reading!

Keith Taylor – Charleston, SC


Keith’s home had original carpet from 2003, and while it was surprisingly in great shape, it was time to move on. After looking at several different colors of wood, Keith decided to install our Mayflower Sunset Acacia Prefinished Engineered flooring in the bedroom. Acacia is distinguished by its eye-pleasing, distressed surface, which gives it a delicate, rippled appearance. The 5-inch planks, which are crafted from durable engineered hardwood, have medium, reddish-brown hues; they also feature golden undertones and natural Acacia graining. This charming color variation makes Acacia a versatile floor, suitable for almost any decor. Further, engineered flooring consists of real hardwood layers, so superior strength and stability are a sure thing when you install this flooring. In Keith’s bedroom, the Sunset Acacia has a distinguished look that will attract whoever happens to walk by. “Definitely love how the floors turned out,” Keith wrote.

We couldn’t agree more, Keith; thanks for sharing!

Jim Fernandes – Southbury, CT


Jim chose the perfect floor when he installed our Bellawood Natural Ash Prefinished Solid hardwood flooring in his family room. The crisp, light hues and bold open grain of Ash make it a welcome addition to any home. With colors ranging from creamy white to darker tans, Ash is ideal for those seeking a great balance between beauty, simplicity, and durability. As a matter of fact, it’s so durable that major league baseball bats are constructed out of this timeless and elegant wood. Our Natural Ash will, no doubt, be able to withstand the pressures of daily living, so Jim and his family can enjoy each other and worry less about upkeep and maintenance. A Bellawood floor is two times more scratch resistant and four times more abrasion resistant than other brands. Plus, it’s backed by a transferable 100-year warranty. It can’t get much better than that. “My wife loves the floor,” Jim wrote. “It is a great contrast to the dark cherry in the adjoining rooms.”

We love the result, Jim; awesome work!

Bradley Dossett – Marion, KY


Now that’s an attractive-looking floor. After our Knob Hill Birch had been discontinued, Bradley installed our Virginia Mill Works Palm Acacia Prefinished Solid Distressed flooring every fourth run – creating a very cool look. Dark and dramatic, our gorgeous Palm Acacia is a true head-turner. The distressing has the character of reclaimed wood, while the unique Acacia graining offers exotic style. The flooring is reminiscent of the charming, handcrafted floors found in Colonial American homes and uniquely combines the look of old-world craftsmanship with modern design and prefinishing. Each floor is a work of art, adding stylish character to any room it’s installed in. And with a 50-year warranty, what’s not to love about our Palm Acacia? All it takes is a nail, glue, or floating installation. “My wife and I are thrilled with the results,” Bradley wrote.

We’re thrilled for you, Bradley; congratulations on your installation!

Kourtney Kizer – Woodway, TX


Redoing the entire floor in a home takes a lot of patience, time, and effort – but that’s exactly what Kourtney and her family did when she installed our Tranquility Ultra Golden Teak Click Distressed Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring (living room pictured here). We love the new look! Our Golden Teak features a distressed appearance that highlights the intricate design and look of the material. Even better is the fact that this flooring is incredibly easy to install and can be uninstalled and placed in other rooms (or homes) as desired. Have pets? No worries, because our flooring is designed to can withstand active household with hyper children and happy pets. It’s even an optimal choice for areas where mild moisture is a concern, so feel free to install it in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, or mudroom. “It took some time, but it was well worth the hard work,” Kourtney wrote.

We can only imagine, Kourtney; it looks great!

Susan Franco – Altoona, PA


When Susan retired, the first thing she did was replace the flooring in her family room. She replaced the outdated carpet with our Tranquility Black Mountain Maple Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring, and the space looks so much bigger than it did before. As we previously said, our vinyl plank flooring is the perfect choice for busy homes. Why spend more money on overpriced flooring when you can achieve the same results at a fraction of the cost? That’s what you get when you choose our Black Mountain Maple. On top of being visually stunning – with its golden hues and distinguished markings – it’s also incredibly durable and easy to install (it has easy-click technology). And because it’s a floating floor, there’s no need to pull out the glue or nails. Additionally, it comes with a natural wood look. Our Black Mountain Maple looks right at home in Susan’s family room.

We love what you’ve done with the place, Susan; great job!

Thanks to everyone who shared his or her success story with us last week; we always enjoy seeing the transformations in each home. Be sure to check out our Before & After gallery for more inspiration!


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