Customer Transformations: July 13-17


Another week has gone by, and that means it’s time for another round of our favorite Before & After photos! Thousands of satisfied customers, from professional designers to DIYers, have shared pictures of their remodeling projects with us, and each Monday we pick five of our favorites to highlight. Read on to see transformations of everything from bedrooms to staircases!

John Cook – Wilmington, NC


While renovating his condo, John replaced the original carpet with our beautiful Praline Click Strand Bamboo, completely transforming the look and feel of his home.  It was an ambitious project: Not only did he install the bamboo flooring himself, but he also started adding his own custom mold and trim. “It was easy to install, and we love the look,” he wrote. “Great experience, motivated to do some more rooms.” We’re glad you enjoyed your experience, John – and by all means, keep going!

Susan Mullins – Harmony, FL


Susan tore out the old carpet that previously covered her stairs and installed our Matte Australian Cypress, upgrading the modernity of her staircase in the process. The sheen of the cypress adds an air of elegance that carpet could never offer. This staircase’s style just went up a level!

Adam Jackson – Sciotoville, OH



Adam used to use rugs to hide his kitchen floor, but now that he’s installed our Rustic Acacia Click Resilient Vinyl, he’s got absolutely nothing to hide! The varying gradient of the vinyl blends beautifully with the hues of his cabinets. “This was so easy to put down!” he said. “It looks fantastic and is tough! I love it so much.” Thanks, Adam; we love it too!

Fernando Suarez – Cedar Grove, NJ


Most of our customers install our flooring on, well, their floors. But not Fernando – he installed our Natural Hickory on his walls for a unique, rustic look. The gradient of the wood along with the sunlight from the windows gives the room a very natural, organic air. Fantastic job, Fernando; what a great idea!

Drew Fowlkes – Perris, CA


Drew replaced the carpet in his bedroom with our Cinnamon Maple for a clean, modern look. The deep tones of the wood compliment the plum walls nicely. Great job, Drew!

Thanks to everyone who shared their success stories with us last week; we always enjoy seeing the transformations of each home. For more inspiration, be sure to check out our Before & After site!


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