Customer Transformations: July 20 – 24


Happy Monday, readers! A new week means a new opportunity to start that renovation project you’ve always dreamed of, and if you need some inspiration, check out our Before & After site for thousands of pictures from our satisfied customers. We’ve picked five of our favorites to spotlight, so read on for transformations involving everything from bamboo to laminate!

Faye Pederson – Pittsburgh, PA


You can’t see Faye’s old carpet in her before picture, but she assures us it was there – and that her new Fall Harvest Bamboo floor is “definitely an upgrade.” We wholeheartedly agree: The bamboo’s mahogany tones provide contrast against her beige walls and complement her dark couches. And all of our Morning Star bamboo floors are twice as hard as oak, so she can rest assured that her new living room floor will withstand foot traffic for years to come!

Christopher Daniels – Mount Sterling, KY


Christopher went from a rough carpet that blended with his walls and curtains to our stunning Manatee Hills Mahogany, a laminate with high gloss and deep hues that elevates the elegance of his living room. His guests entering through the front door are sure to be instantly impressed. “Well worth the time and effort!” Christopher wrote. “We love our new floors!” Congratulations, Christopher; we’re glad you enjoyed the process and result!

Barbara Dolan – Pine, CO


The Dolans had a fading maroon carpet on their hands, and while their adorable dogs may not have minded, an upgrade was certainly in order. They chose the sleek, modern look of Pewter Maple, which made their living space feel more, well, spacious. “It makes the room look huge,” Barbara told us. “We love it!” We’re right there with you, Barbara: looks great!

Robert Thomas – Lusby, MD


Rob got a steal on a home, but it was in shambles. One glaring issue was a lifeless coat of fading white paint, paired with a carpet that would have matched… if not for its stains. To inject the some much-needed warmth and character into the home’s interior, Rob chose Click Strand Carbonized Bamboo, a floor whose tough construction is guaranteed to last for decades – far longer than the carpet he ripped up. Nice handiwork, Rob!

Pete Castro – Smithville, TX


Pete decided to install our Rustic Reclaimed Oak Vinyl throughout his entire house, including the bedroom pictured here. The wood’s natural, varying gradient flatters the white brick and adds warmth to the space. “We love it so far and it has been fairly easy,” Pete wrote. “We recommend this product!” Thanks for the endorsement, Pete, and great job!

Thanks to everyone who shared their success stories with us last week; we always enjoy seeing the transformations of each home. For more inspiration, be sure to check out our Before & After site!


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