Customer Transformations: June 22 – 26


We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and finding ways to beat the heat! While some of you may be taking vacations with the family, others are knocking down walls, replacing their floors, and transforming their homes. Check out some of the successful remodels shared by our customers on our Before and After site:

Cheryl McGuire – Maple Valley, WA


Cheryl replaced about 1,200 square feet of old floor with our Antique Hazel Click Strand Bamboo. “It completely changed and updated the entire look of our home,” she wrote us. “Not only are we happy with the product, but the install crew was amazing. All of the guys were so great and a joy to have in my home for four days.” Thank you for sharing, Cheryl: We’re glad you enjoyed your experience!

Carol Masslow – Amelia, OH


Carol replaced all the floors on the first floor of her condo, and she did it on her own! “It was a lot of work, but it was not difficult to install,” she told us. “I am a 63-year-old gal, and if I can do it anyone can.” These new Beals Hickory Handscraped Hardwood floors look great, Carol! Kudos to your success.

Gary Thalman – Nampa, ID

Gary took his time replacing the floors in his living room, dining room, and kitchen with our Rio Rosewood Click Vinyl. “This was all new to me so it took about five weeks to finish,” Gary said. “But we love it and are very happy with it.” It looks great, Gary; it was well worth the wait!

Dane Allen – Cary, NC

Dane did some major remodelling to his home, which was built in 1972. He knocked down a few walls to create an open space and replaced the old tile and carpet throughout his home with our Bellawood Brazilian Chestnut Matte Finish. “We love our look with our Matte Finished Chestnut hardwood,” Dane wrote us. Agreed, Dan: Great choice!

Dusty Johnson – Crossett, AR

We get submissions from intrepid remodelers all the time, but by anyone’s standards, Dusty’s renovation was big. He took the wood off the walls and put new wood on the floor. Our Golden Zebra Strand Bamboo floors provide a great contrast between the cabinets and floors and look stunning in this brand new kitchen. We hope you’re enjoying your update, Dusty!

Thanks to everyone who shared their success stories with us last week. We really enjoy seeing the transformations in each home. For more inspiration, be sure to check out our Before & After site!


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