Customer Transformations: May 11–15


Happy Monday, folks: Hope you had a great Mother’s Day weekend! We’re showcasing more of our favorites from customers who tackled their very own remodeling challenges. From bamboo to laminate, our products never looked better than in these happy homes.

Amy Manalo – Everett, WA

Amy’s TV room had two flooring types on display: a cream-colored carpet and a patterned linoleum tile. Her new Manatee Hills Mahogany laminate blew away both, creating a more sophisticated and cohesive look. Down time just got upgraded!

Amy Riggs – Alleghany, NY
beforeafter-47 (1)

When we transform our homes, we create entirely new ways of using space. For Amy and her family, a forgotten eyesore of a basement became a great gathering place. With the gray elegance of Flint Creek Oak laminate underfoot, the Riggs family are happy to host: “It’s now a comfortable and cozy spot,” Amy told us. “Perfect for parties and holiday celebrations.” We’re still waiting for our invite… but congrats on a great remodel, Amy!

Michele Daniels – Owings Mills, MD

Our products have helped thousands of homeowners, but many businesses have also benefitted from our fabulous flooring. In this remodel, we see the best of both worlds. Michele operates a small restaurant out of her home, so it was doubly important she make the right impression to visitors. Paired with the beautiful exposed brick, her Donar Oak laminate makes her home a dream for diners.

Robert Mitchell – Goshen, OH

It’s hard to overstate the impact of an entrance: When guests walk in, their first impressions can set the tone for their experience of your home. Robert wisely upgraded to Bellawood Gunstock Oak hardwood, a product that can stand up to both wear and scrutiny, no matter how many times he welcomes in friends. Happy hosting, Robert!

Debraca Coleman – Cedar Hill, TX

That… thing on Debraca’s wall? It’s actually not a rare mold pattern, but an unfortunate “faux painting” that previous owners had chosen. Equally suspect: the torn carpet on the floor, which played host to harmful allergens. “We decided to remove carpet due to increasing allergies,” Debraca told us, “and paint the walls a deep tall color.” The cool blue paint is a lovely complement to the Antique Click Strand Bamboo she placed where her carpet had been. “Love the outcome!” she wrote. We’re right there with you, Debraca!

Many thanks to our remodelers and readers everywhere! For more great transformations like these, check out our Before and After site, updated daily.


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