Customer Transformations: May 18-22


Spring is in full swing these days, and the yearly remodeling rush that comes with the season has seen thousands of happy customers visit our site and our stores. Many of them are so happy with their results that they’re submitting their home makeovers to our Before and After site. Every week, we pick a few favorites from among the submissions, and show those homeowners our appreciation. Here are the top transformations for this week:

Chang Kressin – McKees Rocks, PA

It’s always nice when customer photos include pets doing what they do best: nothing at all. Now Chang’s cat and dog can both relax in style. By replacing her drab carpet with our Bell County Hickory Handscraped, she injected her room with class and character. We know the pooch approves.

Julie Gage – Saranac, MI

You know what makes a great home makeover picture look even better? A distinctly awful “before” picture just next to it. The Gage’s took on their remodel just after Christmas last year (spy the tree in the background?) and had no fear: They removed drop ceilings and pulled up all the carpeting in the living and dining room area. They chose Honey Strand Bamboo to top it all off.  “What a transformation!” Julie wrote to us. Well said, Julie!

Michele Daniels – Owings Mills, MD


People often laud hardwood for its classic good looks, but it’s also an apt complement to highly modern decor. The polished, cutting edge look of Michele’s furnishings needed a floor with equal character, and our Donar Oak delivered. “I wanted something different, unique and classy,” she said. “And this was the perfect product.”

Nick Falcioni – Strongsville, OH


The Falcioni’s foyer looked fine, but they wanted a more sophisticated color palette to form their guests’ first impressions. With our Brazilian Chestnut Engineered Hardwood, they found what they were looking for. “Flooring went in with ease and looks beautiful!” Nick told us. “Definitely would recommend this floor to others. Love the finish and looks of it.”

Vicky McCue – Knightdale, NC

We’ve seen some questionable carpets in our time, but Vicky’s was ripped and ragged beyond recognition. Thankfully, our Hazelnut Acacia changed her fireplace experiences completely.  She loved it so much, she didn’t stop there: “We removed all the carpet from three rooms and replaced old hardwood in hall with this product,” she told us. She’s glad she did, and so are we!

For more beautiful home makeovers from real customers, head over to our Before and After site. Have a great week!


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