Customer Transformations: November 9–13


Happy Monday, readers! Each week, we’re more and more impressed with the submissions to our Before & After site, and this week’s batch completely floored us! We chose five posts to feature that really show how a new floor can transform your home. Head over to our site to check out the rest, and read on for this week’s favorites!

Amanda McMacken – Linfield, PA


Amanda’s new living room looks almost completely unrecognizable. The old pastel carpet – or, in Amanda’s words, the “horrible carpet” – aged the room. It was eye-catching and not in a good way. Our Cascade Falls Oak Laminate, on the other hand, lends the space style, sophistication, and grace with its beautiful, rustic feel. “We couldn’t be happier!” she wrote. Congratulations, Amanda; we love it!

Christopher Campbell – Lynn Haven, FL


Christopher not only decided that his bedroom was due for a change, but he also decided he would do the renovation himself! “I entered this project with little experience in laying hardwood,” he wrote. “However, after a few minutes of looking over the material and laying it out, I had it all worked out. This project is one of three rooms I removed carpet and replaced with the Carbonized Click Strand Bamboo, and it looks amazing. We are so impressed that we are doing our living room next.” Wow, Christopher, wonderful job!

Ben Robins – Veneta, OR


Ben transformed his living room, dining room, den, and hallway with our Tobacco Road Acacia, and he couldn’t have made a better choice in wood! Because each board varies in color and grade, the resulting floor is truly a work of art. It adds unparalleled character and complexity to the space, complementing every shade of paint and décor. “Absolutely love this wood,” he wrote. So do we, Ben!

BT Investments – Southbury, CT


This construction company remodeled a 900-square-foot apartment with our Grizzly Bay Oak vinyl, and the results speak for themselves! The floor combines the look of hardwood with the ease and durability of vinyl, and its sleek gray radiates modern style. Because it’s water-resistant, it’s the perfect choice for a kitchen! “The click-in format of the product and the truly exceptional quality of the finish made a phenomenal difference to the end result of the renovation,” the company wrote. Fantastic choice in flooring, BT Investments team!

Darren Huber – Fargo, ND


Darren decided to remodel his 1980s condo with our Select Maple, and we’re beyond impressed. The white maple practically glows throughout his kitchen, living room, and dining room. It adds a certain polish and shine to the space with a classic yet modern style and contrasts nicely with the darker décor. “Love my white maple floors,” he wrote. We love them too, Darren; great job!

Thanks to everyone who shared his or her success story with us last week; we always enjoy seeing the transformations in each home. For more inspiration, be sure to check out our Before & After site!


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