Customer Transformations: October 17 – 21


Time sure flies when there’s work to be done! Happy Monday, folks, and welcome back to another round of customer transformations. We’re not going to lie; we absolutely love Mondays because it means we get to see the amazing work all of you are doing with our flooring. Hardwood, vinyl, bamboo, tile, laminate – our flooring makes your dream home possible. Not convinced? Take a look at the dramatic renovations we’re featuring this week! If you love what you see and want to see more, don’t forget to check out our Before & After site. Even consider submitting your own stunning transformation. You never know, you might just be featured in our next blog! Happy reading.

Marilyn Billow – Johnstown, PA


Marilyn researched flooring for a long time before a friend recommended Bellawood at Lumber Liquidators (thanks, friend!), and Marilyn is so glad she visited our store! While there were so many flooring styles to choose from, she ultimately fell in love with our Bellawood Select Brazilian Cherry Prefinished Solid hardwood flooring and installed it in her living room. As one of the most popular woods because of its ideal balance of rich beauty and proven durability, our flooring’s majestic colors range from a yellowish tan to reddish brown when just milled, and deepens significantly to an exquisite deep cherry brown as it ages. In Marilyn’s living room, the new flooring adds a much-needed dose of sophistication and elegance. Two times more scratch resistant and four times more abrasion resistant than other brands, there’s no doubt that Marilyn will be able to enjoy her new flooring for years to come.

Beautiful result, Marilyn, we love it!

Bruce Polzar – Green Bay, WI


Nothing shrinks the size of a space more than carpet. Thankfully, Bruce installed our Tranquility Pioneer Park Sycamore Click Resilient Vinyl flooring, and now his family room looks twice the size it previously did! Combining the ultra-realistic and natural look of hardwood with the ease and durability of vinyl, the new flooring enhances the look and feel of the space, and adds modernity, warmth, and texture not seen in carpet. The best part is that this flooring is waterproof, meaning it’s a perfect option for rooms where occasional moisture might be a concern, such as a kitchen, mudroom, or bathroom. It’s also great for an active household, so Bruce doesn’t have to worry about his family causing scratches or dents during their daily lives. Installed with our easy-click technology, our Pioneer Park Sycamore is backed by a 50-year residential warranty and a five-year commercial warranty.

We love what you’ve done with the place, Bruce; awesome job!

Sandra Taylor – Raleigh, NC


Sandra previously had laminate installed in her dining room, living room, hallway, and laundry room. Unfortunately, her washer overflowed and flooded the hallway. Thankfully, her homeowner’s insurance paid to have the old flooring replaced, and we’re incredibly lucky that she chose to install our Morning Star Prefinished Strand Carbonized bamboo flooring. She saved so much money by doing so that she was able to upgrade and install even more of the flooring in her kitchen and entryway. All we have to say is wow! Considered to be one of the best bamboo floors on the market today, the new flooring evokes natural beauty and a feeling of luxury. Our bamboo flooring is not only ecologically friendly (because it comes from a naturally sustainable grass), but it’s twice as hard as oak and is an optimal choice for busy homes when durability is needed to stand up to the wear and tear of family foot traffic, active children, and even pets. This flooring looks right at home in Sandra’s kitchen.

Great work, Sandra; bravo!

David Slicker – McDonough, GA


Here at Lumber Liquidators, we love the look of our flooring next to a regal fireplace, so when we saw David’s transformation, we knew it had to be on this week’s blog! David installed our Dream Home Dockside Weathered Pine laminate flooring in his family room, and what a difference it makes. Our laminate is an easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain floor that replicates the natural color, grain, and texture of hardwood. Our Dockside Weathered Pine, in particular, mirrors the look of distressed wood, similar to something you’d actually see on a pier. Lending personality and uniqueness to the space, this laminate clicks together with ease and offers a versatile and affordable alternative to other floors. It’s also exceptionally moisture and scratch resistant. And if you’re looking for an even more natural look, all you have to do during installation is mix the planks well. Give this flooring a chance; David definitely does not regret it!

Fantastic job, David; the place looks wonderful!

Susan Brown – Doraville, GA


When it was time to replace the 15-year-old carpet in the family room, Susan installed our Dream Home Diamond Mountain Manor laminate flooring, and there’s no arguing that it is one-of-a-kind. Featuring deep, medium to dark hues and contrasting dark edging, this flooring provides a versatile and affordable exotic wood look – even though it’s laminate! In the family room, this flooring adds dimension and immediately draws the eye. As with most of our flooring, our Diamond Mountain Manor comes with easy-click technology and a sound-reducing core and is moisture resistant. It’s even backed by a lifetime warranty. Susan chose right when she picked this flooring. It looks beautiful and will definitely be able to stand the test of time. “Love it,” Susan wrote.

We might love it more than you do, Susan; beautiful job!

Thanks to everyone who shared his or her success story with us last week; we always enjoy seeing the transformations in each home. Be sure to check out our Before & After gallery for more inspiration!


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