Customer Transformations: September 12 – 16


It’s the start of a beautiful week, and we’re so excited to show you our top before-and-after picks! From hardwood to bamboo, laminate to engineered flooring, Lumber Liquidators can turn almost any design dream into a reality. And we make it incredibly easy too! In fact, most of our flooring comes with generous warranties and are do-it-yourself friendly – perfect for the weekend warrior. These transformations reflect our product’s versatility. If you love what you see and want to submit your own dramatic installations, visit our Before & After site!

Vinnie Saparito – Lake Hopatcong, NJ


Vinnie made an excellent choice when he installed our Morning Star Amber City Strand bamboo flooring in the living room. While carpet is great at reducing noise, it can easily get damaged by foot traffic. On top of that, the red coloring was a bit too dramatic for the space. Instead of highlighting the best aspects of the room, it took all the attention. It also didn’t do any favors for the fireplace. The new flooring, however, is twice as hard as oak – an optimal choice for a busy home. Adding natural warmth, the bamboo’s reddish-brown hues make it a perfect match with dark furniture. The best part is that the flooring is eco-friendly. It comes from naturally sustainable grass. “This was a beautiful upgrade to our home,” Vinnie wrote.

We couldn’t agree more, Vinnie; the place looks great!

Karen Duke – Mount Olive, MS


When we said our flooring was do-it-yourself friendly, we weren’t joking. Karen and her husband installed our Dream Home Bull Barn Oak laminate flooring in over 1,000 square feet of their kitchen, dining room, and living room – in one day! The new flooring, which features a distressed appearance with rustic undertones, is exceptionally durable and engineered to resist scratches and stains while looking beautiful for years to come. Paired with the newly painted white cabinetry, the laminate, with its handscraped appearance, makes it feel as if we’ve gone back to simpler times. We’ve never seen a kitchen look this cozy! “We are very satisfied,” Karen wrote.

We love what you’ve done with the place, Karen; keep it up!

Beril Mcmanus – Fort Worth, TX


It was a long time coming when Beril put down our Dream Home Fairfield County Hickory laminate flooring in the kitchen. Before, the old flooring blended a little too well with the cabinetry. It didn’t really have its own personality, and it definitely did not add anything unique to the space. Now, the new flooring beautifully complements the stainless steel appliances. With so much color variation in each plank, it’s hard not to feel as if the laminate is one of a kind! “We’re amazed with the results,” Beril wrote.

We are amazed too, Beril; we might even be speechless!

Allison Dexter – Salt Lake City, UT


For Allison, the tile finally had to go. When she remodeled her kitchen, she replaced the old flooring with our Mayflower Butter Rum Oak Prefinished Solid flooring, and we think the result is gorgeous! Oak is an extremely popular choice in American homes and for good reason. The new flooring, which presents an open grain, is absolutely captivating. It features long rays and the occasional swirl and burl. It quietly demands attention and has the unmistakable beauty of oak. Its subtle variations, mineral coloring, and small knots make it the perfect pick for a luxurious kitchen. And because it’s hardwood, it can be cleaned much more thoroughly than carpet and easily maintained. It’s also resistant to mildew and other types of problems associated with carpet. “Remodeled our kitchen and are loving our wood floors,” Allison wrote. 

We might love them as much as you do, Allison; bravo!

Hye Hong – Jersey City, NJ


It’s not an understatement to say that Hye was looking for a much more modern floor. So when she came across our Virginia Mill Works Delaware Oak Prefinished Distressed Engineered flooring, she knew it would be the perfect neutral for her home. Offering classic oak graining and sophisticated yet subtle gray and whitewashed hues, the new flooring comes together on ultra-wide planks to lend trend-forward style. It also offers the incredible versatility of engineered hardwood. Paired with the bits of dark color in the space, the flooring is a work of art and adds textured beauty. While the space might not be large to begin with, the engineered flooring definitely stretches it out a bit. “I’m very happy with my floor choice,” Hye wrote. “This modern feel is exactly what I wanted.”

We are happy it turned out so well, Hye; great job!

Thanks to everyone who shared his or her success story with us last week; we always enjoy seeing the transformations in each home. For more inspiration, be sure to check out our Before & After gallery!


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