Customer Transformations: September 19 – 23


Happy Monday, friends! As cooler weather slowly makes its way into town, distressed flooring may be the hottest trend this upcoming season. Almost all of our top picks this week are embracing a weathered look, with dramatic, smoky hues and trend-forward design. Laminate, bamboo, and hardwood are also stars of the show. The five before-and-after photos we’ve chosen this week have stolen the spotlight and shown us that with a little imagination, time, and effort, a successful renovation is only a few steps away! If you really love what you see, visit our Before & After site, and maybe post some of your own incredible transformations. We look at every single post. Happy reading!

Kimberly Wallace – Perris, CA


It’s every homeowner’s nightmare – water damage. However, it sometimes can be a blessing in disguise. After water damage had ruined the carpet on the staircase and upstairs, Kimberly ditched the mess and installed our Dream Home Flint Creek Oak laminate. We’re pretty sure the old carpet has nothing on the newly renovated stairs. As it offers a regal alternative to hardwood, the new flooring lends distinctive and sophisticated style to the space. Its rich ebony coloring immediately captures the eye. Besides looking absolutely beautiful, our laminate is moisture resistant and extremely durable – it’s sure to give water a run for its money. “The stairs came out amazing,” Kimberly wrote. “Love the color!”

We might love it as much as you do, Kimberly; awesome work!

Steve Gardner – Alexandria, AL


Carpet may finally be going out of fashion. Steve replaced his with our Virginia Mill Works Tobacco Road Acacia Prefinished Distressed Solid flooring in the bedroom, closets, and dressing room. Reminiscent of the charming, handcrafted floors found in Colonial American Homes, the new flooring offers a beautiful natural worn appearance. Light and dark reddish brown hues add stylish character to the space, while exotic knotting makes the flooring one-of-a-kind since it’s a detail not often found in other flooring. It almost looks as if it were made by hand. Paired with the color of the walls – a gentle robin’s egg blue – the new flooring looks magnificent. “It turned out great, and we did it in one weekend,” Steve wrote.

What a dramatic difference, Steve; we absolutely love it!

Adrian Plancarte – Palmdale, CA


A child’s bedroom can often be a springboard for their imagination, so when Adrian created an accent wall out of three different laminates, he was shooting for the stars. Our Dream Home Redwater River Hewed Oak laminate, Dream Home Bull Barn Oak laminate, and Dream Home Flint Creek Oak laminate all come together to form an incredibly inspiring look! Mixing casual charm, rustic appeal, and regal accents, the new wall shows what beautiful work can be done when a vision comes to life. Individually, the white, brown, and black planks are gorgeous. Paired together, they create harmony, blending beautifully with the yellowish-orange wall and solid brown bunk bed. Our flooring isn’t just meant to be walked on, it’s also meant to be seen. So we hope that when Adrian’s child comes to play, (s)he is inspired and is able to get those creative juices flowing.

We are speechless, Adrian; you’ve created a masterpiece!

Fatima Medeiros – Spring Hill, FL


When you purchase flooring from Lumber Liquidators, we don’t just want you to love the flooring; we want you to also enjoy the journey. Fatima installed our Morning Star Engineered Distressed Silver Stone bamboo flooring in the family room, and now the space looks absolutely refreshed. A renewable resource, bamboo is the perfect choice for anyone looking to make a smaller impact on the earth. Not only that, but it’s actually twice as hard as oak – making it a great option for high-traffic areas. In Fatima’s home, the new flooring lends sophistication with its stunning design and cool, gray coloring. Before, the old flooring didn’t do the gorgeous white couch any favors. Now, however, the couch is a centerpiece, with the bamboo flooring as a beautiful backdrop. “I am very happy with the results that I got,” Fatima wrote. “I love my new bamboo flooring and the color as well.”

We couldn’t agree more, Fatima; wow!

Trevor Vordermann – Oregon, WI


Last but not least is Trevor’s amazing transformation! He replaced the carpet in his living room with our Dream Home Bull Barn Oak laminate, repainted the walls, and added sleek-looking bar stools. Before, the blue carpet sucked in natural light and dampened the overall look of the space. Our laminate flooring fixes that by offering a high-gloss finish that reflects light and gives a textured appearance. Scratch- and stain-resistant, this flooring is going to look beautiful for years to come. The living room looks like a million dollars. “We re-floored a manufactured home with Bull Barn Oak, and we love it,” Trevor wrote.

We can’t get enough of it, Trevor; bravo!

Thanks to everyone who shared his or her success story with us last week; we always enjoy seeing the transformations in each home. Be sure to check out our Before & After gallery for more inspiration!


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