Customer Transformations: September 5 – 9


Happy Labor Day, friends! It’s the first week of September, and we hope you had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend, filled memorable experiences! Here at Lumber Liquidators, we cherish our floors, but we cherish our customers even more. That’s why we love to show off your amazing transformations. To celebrate the holiday, we’ve picked five before-and-after photos that make us feel right at home. Want to see more? Check out our Before & After site! Don’t forget to submit your own renovations. We’d love to see them.

Alicia Miller – Grove City, OH


You may not know this, but Lumber Liquidators doesn’t just specialize in flooring; we also sell stunning butcher block countertops. Alicia, looking for a somewhat inexpensive way to remodel her kitchen, installed our Builder Oak Butcher Block countertop and used wood conditioner to seal it in. The new countertops feature a close grain that provides a smooth surface for easy cleaning and care, and it pairs beautifully with the white backsplash and newly painted cabinets. The best part is that can be easily maintained with mineral oil and will stand up to culinary rigors year after year. “It has totally transformed our kitchen, and we love it,” Alicia wrote. “We LOVE our new countertops!”

We are so inspired, Alicia; great job!

Jill Church – Knoxville, TN


If you’re looking for an extremely versatile and durable flooring, vinyl is definitely the way to go. Jill installed our Tranquility Rio Rosewood Click Resilient vinyl in her laundry room, kitchen, living room, and dining room. Before, the white tile didn’t do much for the space; if anything, it blended in too much into the white appliances, doorways, and cabinets. Now, the new flooring stands out as a masterpiece! With the appearance of real wood, the plank patterns and reddish brown hues complement the cupboards and stainless steel appliances. They also naturally draw the eye. And because it’s water resistant, Jill can live comfortably knowing that even if her pet makes a mess, the floor will be just fine.

You picked the perfect flooring for your home, Jill; we love it!

Paul Van Doorne – Houston, TX


Spiral staircases always make us feel as if we’re living in a fairy tale. After removing the carpet throughout the house and marble entryway, Paul installed our Morning Star Antique Hazel Click Strand bamboo. He loved the look so much that he decided to do the stairway and upstairs floor. The transformation couldn’t be more dramatic! It’s full of natural beauty that evokes a sense of luxury. The new flooring lends elegance to the entire space. With such a sharp contrast from the white risers and railing, the bamboo tread demands attention. Anyone walking up or down these stairs won’t be able to help but feel important. That’s how we want our customers to always feel!

We couldn’t have done a better job, Paul; bravo!

James Valdez – Henderson, CO


While carpet is great at muffling noise, it’s also great at dimming natural light. Before James installed our Major Brand American Cherry laminate, the old carpet made the room look much smaller and didn’t add anything special to the family room. It also seemed to swallow the gorgeous fireplace, casting a dark shadow on the entire space. The new flooring, however, looks fabulous!  The laminate, which adds warmth and charm, lends fresh appeal to the room. And it makes the fireplace the focal point. With his flooring choice that’s backed by a 15-year warranty, we are sure that James and his family are going to get continuous enjoyment from their new installation. “The new floor makes the house look bigger and is beautiful,” James wrote.

We think so too, James; excellent work!

John Durnford – Barrie, ON


John’s house was originally built with wall-to-wall carpet. Needing an upgrade, he set out to find the perfect flooring. He fell in love with our Builder’s Pride Select Pewter Maple hardwood flooring and decided to put it in the living room, hallway, and dining room. The result was gorgeous! The smoky hues and exotic graining, which lend elegance to their surroundings, pair perfectly with the red furniture. It’s a noticeable bit of flair! “Thank you for the excellent price, as well as product,” John wrote. “Next on the list is the upstairs!”

We appreciate you giving us a chance, John; we’re excited to see what’s next!

Thanks to everyone who shared his or her success story with us last week; we always enjoy seeing the transformations in each home. For more inspiration, be sure to check out our Before & After gallery!


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