During Your Lumber Liquidators Installation


During installation

While your home is undergoing this exciting transformation, we ask that you please maintain a safe and clean service site. Be aware of the following:

  • Product Satisfaction: After the first 4-5 boxes are installed, please review the floor to ensure everything looks like you expected (layout, color, grade, etc.).
  •  Dust & Debris: While your project is in progress, expect a certain amount of dust and debris.
  •  Noise & Odor: There will be sawing, hammering, and other machinery noises during the installation. Some installations will cause a strong odor. Be sure to make arrangements for those in your home that may have sensory sensitivity.
  •  People & Children: All occupants and visitors should remain at a safe distance from the work area. The tools, materials, and debris from the project may present hazardous conditions.
  •  Pets: If you have pets, ensure they are secured away from the work area. The Installation Provider will need to enter and exit your home during work hours and is not responsible for securing pets.

Hidden or Unknown Conditions

During an installation project, the Installation Provider may uncover conditions, such as subfloor issues and other structural concerns that could not be seen at the time of your estimate. Before the Installation Provider can proceed with the installation, these conditions must be addressed.

If the assigned Installation Provider can complete these repairs, an estimate for additional materials and services will be provided for your approval and the appropriate adjustments to the installation schedule will be made. If the assigned Installation Provider cannot complete the repairs, you will need to hire another contractor to complete the repairs before the installation project can resume. If you opt to have a third-party address the necessary changes to the project, then the work performed will need to be assessed by your Lumber Liquidators Installation Provider before the project can continue.






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