Exotic Look for Less: Bamboo


Bamboo is a floor that offers the performance and look of exotic hardwood for less. It’s also one of the most sustainable floors – as a grass, it replenishes itself naturally and can mature up to 24” in 24 hours.

For added durability, opt for strand bamboo, which is two times harder than red oak. Strand bamboo is created by compressing shredded bamboo fibers under extreme heat and pressure. This manufacturing process makes flooring that is even harder and denser than traditional bamboos.

Here are just a few of the over 50 unique bamboo options we offer – from traditional to bold, and everything in between:

Morning Star Stonehouse Manor

Stonehouse Manor engineered bamboo offers stylish contrast and rhyme. Wide width planks in trendsetting shades of brown, gray, and tan are elegantly mixed and distressed with age-old authenticity for approachable elegance.

Morning Star Morning Dove

Featuring a two-pass staining process, the elegant shading of light gray and earthen undertones in Morning Dove Bamboo by Morning Star create a modern, yet neutral, backdrop for décor. The 7-1/2” wide planks have soft, blushing beige highlights and a cross-hatched texture for a beautiful blend of rustic and romantic design.

Morning Star Rustic Clove

Let the tradition of timeworn beauty envelop your home with Morning Star Rustic Clove Strand bamboo flooring. Stained in rugged and earthy shades of dark chestnut with rustic texturing, its distinguished rustic roads style exudes warmth and comfort.

Supreme Bamboo Roasted Almond

Roasted Almond engineered bamboo brings warmth to your space. With its reddish-brown color variation and worn-in distressing, it offers beautiful comfort and texture for a timeless look.

See all the bamboo styles we offer in-store or online!


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