Fall 2018 Flooring Catalog


Our 2018 Fall Flooring Catalog is here! It’s all about getting personal – personal style, personal service, and personal assurance. We’re here to help you decide on the perfect style floor for your home, with a focus on quality and value.

We want to assist you in creating a space that reflects YOU and your lifestyle. That means we have endless design options, and you can even mix and match floors in your home (like the cover shot pictured below!). Here, we mixed Virginia Mill Works Rattan Maple and Seaport Maple to create a totally custom look.

You can also arrange your floor in an unexpected way – like herringbone! Check out Avella Classic Red Oak porcelain tile arranged in a herringbone pattern below. This is the perfect way to spice up a simple space.

We’ve also released some NEW floors for fall, meaning there are even more options to choose from. Like our stone-look tiles, such as Avella Galassia Nero pictured below, for a marble look.

Browse even more design ideas and the latest flooring trends in the 2018 Fall Flooring Catalog. Request your FREE catalog + get inspired here!

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