Fall Flooring Season is Here


Discover the latest trends in home design.

As summer moves into fall and the weather cools, people will be shifting their mentalities from enjoying time on the patio with a cold drink in the sunshine, to sipping hot cider by a fire. With this shift in seasons there’s a perfect opportunity to adjust the décor and design of rooms in your home to match the season and mood.

It’s more important than ever to start updating your home now and planning for the months ahead, since we will soon be spending even more time indoors. This fall, look for opportunities to add warmth to any space and use the time inside to show off your personal style.

Adding warmth to a room or an area of your home doesn’t have to be a time-consuming full renovation. Do a little online shopping from your favorite retailers and take a weekend to update your space, leveraging the following tips and tricks:

  • Add chair or sofa covers to quickly switch up the room’s mainstays and improve the energy in the space.
  • Swap out lighting accessories, like Edison light bulbs, to show off darker and jewel-toned colors that match the view from your window.
  • Switch out fresh flowers for fall foliage to bring the outdoors in.
  • Layer in wool blankets for a fun accent piece and added warmth when the temperature really drops. 
  • Faux fur blankets and layered accent pillows can provide a nice pop of color and can easily be stored during other seasons.

If you’re planning for a larger renovation this fall, make sure you’re thinking about all the activities that will be taking place in each room. Make sure all your updates fit within your budget, match personal styles, and stand the test of time by being easily adaptable to the ever-changing circumstances of life.

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To jump-start the process, consider the following fall style trends and work them into your home to best benefit your needs.

Slow Living
Quite simply, slow living is realizing simpler things are the new luxury.

This concept can translate in the home through monochromatic interiors to extend various hues, tints, or shades of the same color across a room, and decluttering spaces to accentuate minimalism. 

Mindful Crafting
Applaud the imperfections: the knots, the grains, the hues and the textures that make certain pieces so special. Additionally, take the time to focus on the creating, mending and restoring of items as a way to create stories around the focal pieces of a room.

Mood-Boosting Design
Make sure your designs have the right impact on you and your family’s mood by taking simple steps to create spaces that you not only feel comfortable in, but also spark joy.

Use patterns in accent pieces to add a touch of playfulness to a room. Colors can impact mood so use them purposefully- orange for creativity; green for restoration; yellow to increase happiness; blue to create a calming space.

Flexible Spaces
Flexible space design helps you make the most out of your home by creating rooms with multiple uses and adapting your existing space to meet your shifting needs.

Consider installing sliding or pocket doors or using a temporary partition for more privacy. Find convertible furniture like fold-up desks for versatile, useful, and stylish accent pieces.

Check back in the coming weeks for in-depth articles on each of these style themes to help you make the most of Fall Flooring Season.


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