Fall Flooring: Living the Vida Slower


Embracing the Simple is the New Luxury

The news is nonstop. The sounds on social media are ever-humming. It can feel like life is at hyper-speed.

With all this never-ending, fast-paced action, it’s time to embrace the art of slow living this fall. The concept of slow living is based on curating your own time and space to make it how you want it to feel. It’s about consuming less — and that includes laying off the screens (and the doomscrolling).

Quite simply, slow living is realizing simpler things are the new luxury. It’s about leaning into products that provide fulfillment and stand the test of time, growing with you over the years.

Here’s how you can accomplish life at lower — and calmer — speeds through home design.

One (Color) Love
One way to simplify and bring peace to your home is to move forward with monochromatic interiors. This doesn’t mean dousing a room in one color, but rather extending various hues, tints or shades of the same color across a room to present a refreshing style, comfort and calm. This idea also simplifies home decorating and can make a room look larger — so it’s a perfect fit for small spaces. This monochromatic style can also be enhanced by adding textures and prints that add interest and harmony.

Design by Decluttering
Another way to bring upon a slow living aesthetic is to look around your rooms and look to do away with meaningless items. By decluttering you can open up spaces by clearing the tchotchkes, knick-knacks or other items that are getting in the way of balance and cleaner looks. From there, look to substitute this clutter with natural decorations like fall foliage or living walls to create calming spaces that can better align your focus and reconnect you to nature. And, add smile and style with fun or fashionable pots or containers.

Less Is More
A key theme of the slow living concept is to accentuate minimalism. You’ll find that you can create more contentment in your space through less visual excitement, easing the mind and delivering ongoing comfort. This mind frame can also be reflected in your flooring choices. Look to soft-brushed hardwood as seen in Bellawood Vineyard Sound Oak and Amsterdam White Oak, or consider light-toned woods and honey-kissed wood styles to emphasize a space that can grow with you and your life.

Bellawood Artisan – Vineyard Sound Oak Solid Hardwood Flooring
Bellawood Artisan – Amsterdam White Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring

We hope these ideas can help you live life in the slow (and stylish) lane!


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