Faultlessly beautiful flooring

3/4″ x 3-1/4″ Curupay Solid Hardwood Flooring

I used this wood to replace carpeting in the main rooms of my house and the hallway. Because the wood is so well matched and perfectly milled there was almost no waste and I was able to return four boxes of the 23 that I originally purchased. The new look of these rooms in the hallway is spectacular and everyone who sees it is impressed. Curupay is very very hard wood so it should really hold up. I used darker shoe molding because this wood is supposed to get quite a bit darker as it is exposed to light. Also the black and dark brown grain lightens up so that the wood becomes more uniform with age. This new flooring was installed on top of the original pine flooring of my old house. The pine was gouged, stained, chipped and in places rotted so it was not redeemable. And who wants a pine floor? This floor was glued down and also nailed every two feet, so the result is a very sturdy and non creaky floor. I am completely delighted with this flooring. -Linda, TX


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