Featured Floor: Antique Click Strand Bamboo


Bamboo creates beautiful, durable, and eco-friendly floors, and this week we are featuring one of our favorites. Our Antique Click Strand Bamboo offers undeniable beauty and toughness to match the whole family’s activity.

It’s Durable

Antique Click Strand Bamboo is two times harder than oak! By compressing shredded bamboo fibers under high heat and pressure we are able to create floors that will hold up against active children, pets, and everyday traffic. To top it off, the floors have a 30 year warranty to back up their durability.

It’s Eco-friendly

Bamboo is an extremely fast-growing plant, making these floors an eco-friendly option. According to The Conservation Institute, some species can grow 10cm in just one day – this resource renews itself quickly!

Easy to Install

The “Click” in Click Strand Bamboo refers to how easy installing these floors is: Just click each piece together with the others. Be sure to check out our  installation guide, which keeps this process quick and painless for any remodeler.

Our Customers Love It

Here are some photos submitted to our Before and After domain by customers who transformed their rooms with the help of the Antique Click Strand Bamboo:

It’s on Sale!

From June 10th through the 16th the Antique Click Strand Bamboo floors are on sale! Check our our sales page for more great deals this week, and don’t forget to ask about our 15 months special financing!


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