Featured Floor: Builder’s Pride Pebble Island Birch Hardwood


Birch hardwood flooring shares the qualities of other North American wood like oak and maple, but it has special characteristics that make it an excellent choice for flooring in the home. Birch has a Janka hardness rating close to that of red oak, making it a great alternative to the standard, and the color variation from light to dark with natural highlights is likely to appeal to many decorators and homeowners.

Pebble Island Birch by Builder’s Pride invokes the feeling of sun-washed wood by the shore with its soft gray hues. It’s Select Grade, which means it has the most uniform color with no large knots and the longest average length of planks – also called “First Grade.”

See how our customers have used Pebble Island Birch in their homes:

The Schaefers say, “Beautiful floor! We had this installed in our living/dining rooms and will be having it installed in our kitchen as well. Absolutely gorgeous! The look is beautiful.”

Linda used Pebble Island Birch in the total area of her new home!

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