Featured Floor: Dream Home Alpine Oak


Love the way laminate looks but not sure about how it’ll perform in your home? Throw your concerns aside, because our Dream Home Alpine Oak laminate flooring will deliver on its promises. This neutral-colored flooring with subtle wood-like etchings is sure to fill your home with harmonious style and features a moisture-resistant core, making it an optimal choice for spaces where moisture tends to be present. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so if anything should happen, Lumber Liquidators is here to help. Why pay an arm and a leg for more expensive flooring options when you can have the best of both worlds (design and utility)? Read on to see why it’s our Featured Floor of the week.

It’s a low-maintenance flooring option …

Laminate is an easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain floor that replicates the natural color, grain, and texture of hardwood (without all the baggage that can come with wood). While our Alpine Oak features gray and white hues and subtle wood-like etchings, laminate is available in many styles, making it a versatile and affordable alternative. It also clicks together with ease with our easy-click technology. The best part is that it’s exceptionally durable and scratch resistant – an ideal floor for high-traffic areas.

It’s designed for underlayment …

While our Alpine Oak doesn’t come with pre-attached padding, our laminate is designed for underlayment. Lumber Liquidators recommends the use of our Bellawood Premium underlayment or ECO Silent Sound underlayment. These quality underlayments will best support the joints while ensuring superior thermal sound reduction qualities and are highly recommended for use with condominium associations, project planners, and building specifiers. Where other types of flooring may creak and reflect sound, our laminate – with the use of underlayment – will help muffle the click-clack of pet paws and the scuffling of children.

It’s incredibly easy to install …

It couldn’t be easier to install our laminate. With our easy-click technology, all you have to do is simply click each plank into place. However, if you’re looking for a more wood-like look, we suggest mixing the panels sufficiently before installing them, so you don’t end up with too many identical light or dark panels next to each other. If you’re not comfortable installing our Alpine Oak yourself, though, feel free to reach out to our Lumber Liquidators specialists who’ll take out the hard work so you can spend more time enjoying the process and observing your home’s transformation.

Our customers love it …


Tony Kochell of Deltona, FL, installed 1,300 square feet of our Alpine Oak over cement slab in his family room. Previously, the dark-colored fireplace muffled the look of the room and took away from the finer details. The carpet also didn’t add personality to the space. However, after Tony remodeled the fireplace (with black as an accent color) and replaced the carpet with our laminate, the family room became much more modern and minimalistic-looking. While the fireplace still attracts the eye, the flooring adds dimension and sophistication. It’s also not overwhelming and lends a sense of peace. The neutral coloring of the space will even allow Tony to redecorate without having to change much as the years go by. If you’re looking for a flooring that is universal and will complement and style your home, our Alpine Oak may be the flooring of your dreams. Just ask Tony.

Thanks for sharing, Tony, we love how it turned out! For more inspirational transformations like Tony’s, check out our Before & After site!

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