Featured Floor: Hazelnut Strand Bamboo


Did you know bamboo is actually a grass? Although it’s a different material, bamboo looks, feels and performs just as hardwood does! It’s one of the most sustainable flooring products on the market. It grows quickly and needs little water to thrive. When harvested, hollow stalks are cut from the base, which regenerate within 5-10 years! In fact new growth springs out of the ground and can mature up to 24” in 24 hours! Plus, bamboo produces 30% more oxygen than trees, so you can feel good about your beautiful new floor.

Say hello to Hazelnut Strand Bamboo – an elegant, yet simple style that’s backed by a 30 year warranty with a premium finish.

Supreme Hazelnut Strand

This Strand Bamboo is twice as hard as oak – the industry standard. Strand bamboo is produced by compressing bamboo fibers under extreme heat and pressure. Large dense blocks are formed and resemble a railroad tie prior to being cut and milled into flooring blanks. Strand bamboo is harder and more dent-resistant than horizontal options.

Jamie in IL added a uniform look to her living room with new Hazelnut Strand – check it out!

Supreme Bamboo Hazelnut- Jamie- IL before and after

Now’s the time to refresh your home with the latest flooring styles – FOR LESS! Browse 55+ varieties of bamboo floors to find your style!


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