Featured Floor: Lisbon Castelo Cork


As flooring materials go, cork is among the most underrated. But with statement-making tones and a cushioned feel, cork is making its way into more American homes than ever before (and not just in the tops of wine bottles). There’s no better example of cork quality than our Lisbon Castelo, which provides value on several fronts at once. Let us introduce you to this floor’s upside – you might just join the thousands of Americans considering cork for their homes.

It’s got that natural look…

With Lisbon Castelo Cork, you get bold tones without missing out on rustic warmth. It’s got a distinctive, textured look, but works well in the midst of understated, sophisticated furnishings. Check out what Linda and Ed Studer of Rocklin, California accomplished when they upgraded their kitchen with Castelo Cork:

After seeing the cork flooring trend featured on HGTV, Linda and Ed took on their own home makeover. “We couldn’t be happier and it is beautiful as well as durable and a great conversation piece,” She told us. Plus, tidying up got easier. “Spills wipe right up with no streaks and it’s so easy to clean. We love it!”

We were so impressed by their remodel that we went to see them and their new floors. In the video below, they show off their Castelo Cork and describe their experience at their local Lumber Liquidators. Congrats Linda and Ed! Cork never looked better.

It’s a green product…

Cork is harvested by peeling bark from a tree once every nine years: During that time, the bark grows back. The tree isn’t destroyed in the process, which makes cork a renewable resource.

It feels great beneath your feet…

The surface of Lisbon Castelo Cork is remarkably resilient; its flexible feel will relieve stress to your legs and back when you stand on it. But that doesn’t mean this floor is vulnerable to wear and tear: It’s got the same 25-year warranty as any of our hardwood.

It keeps things quiet…

With a honey-comb cell structure, cork is renown for its capacity to insulate homeowners from unwanted sounds. Accordingly, it’s often used in recording studios and libraries. Whether your kid is learning the trombone, or just running around his room upstairs, our Castelo Cork will keep the noise contained.


Until May 19th, 2015, that is! As if there weren’t enough reasons to choose Castelo Cork already, we’re offering great deals on a range of flooring types, from old favorites to bold newcomers to our collection. There’s something for everyone, at a price that’s right for anyone. So if you’re looking to save big on the floor that will transform your home, get to your nearest Lumber Liquidators. We’ll see you there!


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