Featured Floor: Matte Brazilian Natural Pecan


Our catalog boasts a wide and distinguished set of hardwood options, but designers and DIYers alike are particularly drawn to the vibrant tones of Bellawood Matte Brazilian Natural Pecan. Customers prize this floor’s ability to make a strong aesthetic statement without a glossy exterior, but its virtues include more than just looks. Easily maintained and exceptionally durable, this product is the total package.

It’s Built to Last

These solid hardwood floors undergo our industry-leading finishing system, which employs micro-particle and multilayered processes to ensure unmatched durability. The results speak for themselves: Compared with other brands, they’re two times more scratch resistant and four times more resistant to abrasions. Don’t let its pretty looks fool you; this floor is as tough as they come.

Its Warranty Is the Best in the Business

No one in the industry offers a 100-year warranty – except us. That’s because we’re the only company with a product this good. We’ve got absolute confidence in the quality and durability of our hardwood, and this warranty lets you feel the same way. Plus, it’s transferable: If you sell your home, prospective buyers get the same guarantee.

Its Elegance Adapts

There’s no denying these floors have character, but will they overpower or clash with the other elements in your home? Thankfully, the varied tones of this stellar hardwood can complement almost any choice of paint or furniture, from cream or beige to a rich blue.

Our Customers Love It

There’s no better testament to a floor’s glory than a before and after photo from a happy customer. After putting it down in his living room, James Nicholls from Irwin, PA, loved his Brazilian Natural Pecan so much that he decided to install it in his bedroom as well!

It’s on Sale!

Our End of Quarter Clearance Sale begins on June 17 and lasts through June 30. You can get the Bellawood Matte Brazilian Natural Pecan floors, among others, at an even lower price! Don’t forget to ask about our 24-month special financing. Just check out our sales page for a great deal on this floor and more!


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