Featured Floor: Mocha Espresso Bamboo


Bamboo flooring has become a popular choice with homeowners, and for good reason: Its natural beauty, lasting durability, and eco-friendly composition make it an exciting alternative to traditional hardwood. Our Mocha Espresso Bamboo, alive with color and inviting in tone, serves as an excellent example of a stunning bamboo floor. Read on to see why it’s our Featured Floor of the week!

It’s breathtakingly beautiful …

Our Mocha Espresso Bamboo evokes an eye-catching elegance that could only come from nature itself. Its deep, vibrant browns and hints of alluring tan radiate richness and unparalleled style, instantly upgrading any space. This versatile bamboo is sure to suit virtually every area of the home, and its luxurious shine is sure to enhance the elements of any room!

It’s built to last …

Because our Mocha Espresso Bamboo is a strand bamboo, it’s even harder and denser than a traditional bamboo floor. Its specialized manufacturing process involves shredding and compressing the fine bamboo fibers under extreme heat and pressure, yielding a floor that’s twice as hard as oak!


And that’s not all: Like all of our Morning Star bamboo floors, it comes with a 30-year warranty, ensuring that it will last for years to come. If you’re looking for flooring that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life, look no further than our Mocha Espresso Bamboo!

It’s an eco-friendly choice …

Bamboo floors are perfect for those who are concerned about their environmental impact – or for those who just want to feel good about their purchase! Because bamboo is a grass rather than a wood, it grows far more quickly than a tree; its extensive root system continually grows underground and replenishes itself naturally, as grass does. This sustainability makes it an excellent alternative to hardwood. Even if you’re not particularly concerned about your carbon footprint, you can still rest easy knowing that you’ve made an eco-friendly decision!

Installation is a breeze …

You don’t have to be a flooring expert to install our Mocha Espresso Bamboo! It’s designed to be laid as a “floating floor,” which means no glue or nails are required – just click the planks together! Whether you’re a professional installer or a DIYer, this bamboo’s design is intended to simplify the installation process so you can begin enjoying your new floor as soon as possible.

Our customers love it…


Stephanie Marmol of Saddle Brook, NJ didn’t expect a flood to damage the first floor of her home, but she made the best out of an unfortunate situation when she decided to completely remodel her kitchen and living room area. Our Mocha Espresso Bamboo was up for the task – and boy, did it get the job done! Its dark tones provide striking contrast against the white couches, and its richness and depth instantly evoke feelings of luxury while creating an open, harmonious atmosphere.


Stephanie loved our Mocha Espresso Bamboo so much that she installed it above her new stairs as well! She created a “chic space” that looks down into her living room, and it complements her first floor wonderfully. The bamboo’s colors continue to provide contrast against the walls and trim while blending seamlessly with darker accents like the wrought iron railing for a stunning, cohesive effect. “We love it,” she wrote. “The floors look beautiful. We recommend Lumber Liquidators and this type of floor.” We love it too, Stephanie; thanks for posting!

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