Featured Floor: Golden Ultra-Strand Bamboo


As a flooring choice, bamboo has it all it’s naturally beautiful, extremely durable, and eco-friendly. As a result, this stylish and practical floor option has become a favorite among homeowners. Want to see one style in action? Our Golden Ultra-Strand Bamboo, with its elegance and vivid color, is a terrific example of a strikingly beautiful bamboo floor. Read on to see why it’s our Featured Floor of the week!

It’s breathtakingly beautiful …

When it comes to natural beauty, our Golden Ultra-Strand Bamboo is truly a cut above. Rich caramel, deep tan, and vivid gold intertwine for a stunning appearance. Because it’s an “ultra-strand” bamboo floor crafted from very fine fibers, the surface has an extremely smooth texture. Sleek and chic, this floor imbues cutting-edge flair in any space.

It’s built to last …

From start to finish, our Golden Ultra-Strand Bamboo is crafted to ensure top-notch durability and stability. It’s made from the most durable bamboo and finished in a patented process that includes stain- and scuff-resistance. This surface is twice as scratch-resistant and four times as abrasion resistant as other brands. Plus, it’s backed by a 100-year warranty so you’re assured a lifetime of beauty and durability.

It’s an eco-friendly choice …

Bamboo may seem like wood, but it’s actually a type of grass – so it grows much faster than trees. Just like the grass in your yard, bamboo grows continually and quickly replenishes. Bamboo is a renewable resource, so when you choose bamboo floors, rest assured you’re making an Earth-friendly choice.

Our customers love it …


For Jacek Blaszczyk of Canton, MI, dedicating just four weekends to home improvement made a dramatic difference in his home. He installed our Golden Ultra-Strand Bamboo in the dining room, kitchen, and living room – and it looks amazing! In the living room, the floors instantly add modern flair and a touch of pizzazz. Dark furnishings pop against the light-colored bamboo, and the sleek, honey-colored surface makes the room appear more spacious. Great job, Jacek; we’re impressed!


Dated vinyl didn’t do this kitchen justice – so Diane Sanfilippo of Varysburg, NY, installed our Golden Ultra-Strand Bamboo. Wow! The sleek, flaxen surface lightens and brightens the space and adds a dash of contemporary style. Plus, the bamboo blends beautifully with the updated cabinetry and countertops to produce a top-of-the-line kitchen. “The floor is gorgeous,” Diane wrote. “Thank you, Lumber Liquidators!” Thank you, Diane; we love the new look!

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