Featured Floor: Morning Star Copperstripe Bamboo


With its inherent beauty, durability, and minimal environmental impact, bamboo can be an exciting alternative to traditional hardwood. Our Copperstripe Bamboo, however, takes traditional bamboo flooring to the next level. As a strand bamboo, it’s twice as hard as oak, and its streaks of varying hues add striking style to any space. Read on to see why it’s our Featured Floor of the week!

It’s stylish…

While all of our bamboo floors radiate natural beauty, our Copperstripe Bamboo particularly shines. Its singularity lies in its stripes of contrasting color, ranging from light beiges to dark browns. This unique pattern adds eye-catching complexity, upgrading any room from mundane to magnificent.

It’s built to last…

Not only is our Copperstripe Bamboo made from reeds that are over four years old, but it’s also of the strand bamboo variety, which means its fibers are shredded and compressed. All of this makes it substantially more dense than traditional bamboo flooring. And if there was any doubt concerning its durability, our Morning Star bamboos are backed by a 30-year warranty, guaranteeing this floor will last for years to come.

It’s eco-friendly…

Since bamboo is a naturally sustainable grass, you can feel good about your impact on the environment when choosing our Copperstripe Bamboo. Bamboo flooring is a perfect choice for those who want the hardness of wood but also want to minimize their carbon footprint! Plus, it has a natural, organic feel that adds an air of warmth to a room.

Our customers love it…


When Abdulatef Binmakhashen of Columbus, OH installed our Copperstripe Bamboo in his living room and dining room, he transformed the look and feel of his home, matching the bamboo with his textured, tan walls while giving the room just the right amount of detail. “It looks great and much better than the former carpet floor,” he wrote. We agree; fantastic job, Abdulatef!


We couldn’t just pick one customer photo, as Elaine Leeds of Tewksbury, MA also hit a homerun with her remodeling project. Her kitchen and dining room now has character and style, the bamboo contrasting against the tile and complementing her beige walls. “This product has changed the whole look of the room,” she wrote. “It is very stylish and durable.” Thanks for the kind review, Elaine! We’re glad you love your new space. For more transformations like Adbulatef’s and Elaine’s, make sure to visit our Before and After gallery!

And it’s on sale!

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